Sunday, October 7, 2012

to much to say, but i'll try anyway

i have to much inside me right now. and i can't express it all without telling you every single detail.
but i'm going to spare you that bunch. ok...maybe not.
basically, its all so wonderful and i'm incredibly grateful. i'm also sad. because i really miss my freinds and being with them. but i know there's a next time.
i'm really looking foreward to that next time, when i get to meet my nephew Asa Matthew in just a few week! i won't be able to spend as much time with my friends. but i have a feeling that when i lay eyes on Asa, the world will melt away and i'll be totally smitten with him, plus me and my best friend get to share this nephew, how cool is that?!
last thursday me and R. were sitting on the couch with her newest nephew, and it just hit me. in 3 months. we'll be doing that exact same thing. with OUR nephew. the thought makes me all giddy!!

sadly i don't have many pictures from this last week, i didn't want to walk around the mall with a huge camera around my neck all the time. so my camera got left behind.

but there's this one of my bestie holding my argus. and its really cool. and she wanted to see it.

and then of course one of Jonni, cos she's so beautiful and this picture deserves being shown off ;)

so details. do you mind?

the majority of last week was spent with Rachel and Jonni, me and Rachel giggled constantly over Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner, we spied plenty of ketchup and way to much mustard. {only they will get that} we went bowling, played pool, sang to Micheal B. and Bobby D. in the car with Dean and M. on the way home from bowling, we stayed up all stinking night, watched Dr. Who, scared ourselves silly with scary stories {most of which we experienced ourselves, which made is scarier}.
mall/thrift store shopping was a must. and we did a lot of that.
my last morning was a long one, because we had just pulled an all nighter, and me and R. fell asleep on the mattress we plunked on the floor for about 30min, till we had to get up and R. got breakfeast for the kid. but after that we went out to the trampoline and tire swing and had the jolliest time just talking. it was great. and probably my favorite part of the whole visit.
i'm going to stop myself now, but i'm super happy to be back home and i'm looking forward to catching up on all of your guy's posts that i missed! but for now, i'm still recovering from being up 40hourse with no real sleep.


tom=valentina. nuff said.


  1. Sounds like it was all wonderful! I bet you are way way too excited about your nephew coming. Eeeek! He's going to have the best aunts ever. Also, I had to laugh about the scary stories. I remember scaring ourselves on accident in the middle of the night. *Shudder* I am not someone who likes being scared :-/

    Anyway ... you know what stinks? Not living close enough to friends. I think we all need a solution to that problem. Yes. We definitely do.

  2. :D This post is too great. <3 it made me terribly happy. I'm awfully excited about our Nephew. <3 <3
    Your pictures are gorgeous.
    haha!! way too much Mustard. I miss you like crazy. I wish you could've stayed longer. Though, I'm absolutely thrilled that we got to spend so much time together. :)
    Love you, bestie!

    P.S. At least Valentina. ;) ;) *giggle* <3 <3

  3. Awww. I just have to say, that the two of you are simply adorable. I love your friendship and that you rock out to Bob dylan and Micheal Buble. I also like the tire swing and trampoline part because those are so much fun. And all nighters and talking and thrift store shopping. :) You guys are awesome<3

  4. Goodness I had fun!!!! It was all just a blast! I love that picture of Rachel! So pretty! <3

  5. I hope you see your friends again soon. haha I love exchanging scary stories and thrift shopping. Cheers to great friends!!