Sunday, September 30, 2012

when the sun shines

i'm feeling just a bit overwhelmed at the moment. but i'm also listening to Owl City {which is having to replace sunshine, because there is none right now:p}, so life is still good.
today has been hectically busy and i'm unbelievable tired. its probably all the  riding i did yesterday plus today on my horse, Ellie May. no wait. thats bareback riding. i finally got the nerve up to take Ellie May out bareback, she likes it way better than being saddled up, and i just use lead ropes instead of that nasty bit. she hates the bit. and so do i.
bareback riding requires a lot more from me than it does the horse. i've heard its really good exercise, and it MUST be true. because my legs feel like wobbly rubber. but it feels good to be sore. because it means i did something.
not only am i physically sore/tired, but i'm mental zapped. i'm going to sleep really good tonight.
and then get up bright and early to ride Ellie May again! unless its foggy.... :p

the leaves are finally starting to look like autumn, just a little bit tho. but still, i want to go out and take nature pictures so bad. but the weather has been stupidly gray {although the temps are "perfect"} and ugly. and i really can't imagine getting good pictures without sunlight to work with.
i rode Ellie up to the top field, and i spotted this spectacular patch of the brightest green moss i've ever seen in my life. and i've seen some epic moss before. i didn't get a very close look at the texture of the moss this time, so tomorrow morning i'm going back up to inspect it. and probably take lots of pictures. and who knows, it may be some sort of strange little leaves growing everywhere! 

i love when the sun hits my view, and it outlines all the distant trees and hills so perfectly. i could look at it for hours, but it only lasts about half of one.

so every evening, when the sun is shining, i get to see this.
isn't it great? that field looks luscious enough to eat! i bragged about the view a few posts back. but thats probably because i'm really proud of it. not a bad proud. the good kind ;) i'm so thankful that i have this view to look at. all this beauty. right at my doorstep. its just what my soul needs.
someday though, i want to move to some real mountains. like the Appalachian mountains. now that place is beauty overload!

anywho, tomorrow i'm leaving for a week long trip to visit my sister {her hubby is away for the week with work, so she wants us to come stay with her, plus her babyshower is that week} and i get to see my bestie {and her family!} i'm pretty happy/excited about that.
its going to be a good trip, 4 hours of pretty missouri scenery? i think yes. i just really hope the sun is shining. this girl needs some sun in case you can't tell.
i probably won't be blogging at all next week, so.. miss me, ok?


  1. I hate feeling overwhelmed...unless it's overwhelmed with happy. ^_^
    I'm so glad it's finally starting to look like Autumn! It's been making me very happy. <3
    I'm so excited about this coming week. It's gonna be a blast. <3 <3 :D

  2. Riding bareback sounds awesome. I miss hanging out with horses. <3
    Sunshine sounds sooo good right now. We've had some pretty overcast weather here recently.
    Have a totally stellar trip, Noni!
    God bless!