Wednesday, November 28, 2012

i made a list

last night, before i went to bed.
a list consisting of at least 15 things i had to accomplish today.
everything from laundry, school, cleaning my room, taking my dog for a walk...
you get the jist, simple every day stuff.

i don't normally make lists for every day things, but winter is coming on, which means i'm beginning to feel like a bear in need of hibernation. but what i need to be is a consistent go-getter. 
i need to get things done.
especially today because i'mma go hang out with a friend before church. and i won't get home till bedtime, so yeah... i told myself last night, that if i made this list, i would, with no excuses, mark of everything, or..well there was no or else at the end of that train of thought.

^this is because daniel freaking craig is awesome. and its b/w, which i seem to be addicted to lately!

so instead of goofing off with my cat and making her hate me.
which is one of my greatest hobbies.
i have, so far, accomplished all but two things on that list, one of the things i do with my mom, so if it doesn't get done. its her fault. :D
and the other thing was to finish a Christmas present. and i promise, to myself. to get that done.

it feels really good to write a list, and at the end of your day, see everything marked off.
like seriously amazing. and i wish i'd do it everyday, but i won't. but i'm cool with being lazy.
and now i'm off to go do some chores and finish that christmas thingy.
have an extreme week everyone!


  1. I've been making lists to. But it rarely works well for me ;P

  2. ^_^ This is cute. I should make lists...I don't usually think of it but they always help me get stuff done during the day. :P 'specially school. :)
    Daniel Craig...<3
    and your cat is so cute. I'mma have a cat someday that my mother doesn't make me keep outdoors. lol. <3

  3. When I write a list it is to organize and prioritize everything I need/want to get done. After writing the list, I heave a big sigh of relief and then get to work. I never get everything done on my list because I am constantly adding to it. I've inherited this characteristic from my dad. He went to bed with a list in his head. :)

  4. I totally hear you. i've been making to do lists because otherwise i probably wouldnt get anything done...hahah everything is so hectic, i need a little order.

  5. yes yes, i should definitely start making lists before i forget things and my mind goes out of control! love the last photo, haha :)