Thursday, November 29, 2012

the lights, the lights are up

lights, deer antlers, and my cat...again.
{they're all pretty, and photogenic}
i love Christmas lights!
i don't think i'll be taking them down for awhile now.

something fantastic just happened. i found THIS  on youtube, its Danny Kaye and Lucille Ball, and its probably the best thing i've ever seen. i'm not exaggerating. its briliant and hilarious and i had tears streaming down my face, i laughed so hard i couldn't breath and now my abs have had a sufficient work out for today. if you want to have a fantastic day please watch it.
its to good for words, only laughter will do.
i won't ask again..



  1. We planned out our Christmas activities and cookie-baking today :) So exciting! I love Christmas. And Christmas music makes me happy.

  2. <3 epic photographs. <3 ^_^ I love christmas lights. and cats. cats are wonderful.

  3. DUDE. I looove these photos<3 Lights always captivate me. I really love the first one and the one where you are tangled in the lights. Simply beautiful<3 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the lights! <3 They're pretty much awesome.