Wednesday, November 21, 2012

if you met me

{inspired by nela and jocee }

i probably wouldn't say hi. because i'm shy, and i'm not good at introducing myself to people. so lets just assume, that if you met me, you'd say hi first.

if you met me, i wouldn't go for a hug, probably a handshake, unless you went for a hug, i'm down with hugs.

if you met me, you'd have to be the conversation initiator. you'd notice, that i. am very shy. but once conversation starts to flow i get more talkative!

if you met me, first thing i'd do is notice your shoes, and if i thought they were cool, i'd tell you. cos shoes. they're my favorite.

if you met me, and i was becoming comfortable around you, i might suggest we take a walk outside, because i'm way more comfortable outside.

if you met me i'd tell you about my horse and how rotten she is and about my nephew and how adorable he is.

if you met me i'd ask you if you like the avengers, then i'd proceed to interrogate you about your favorite character. i might even hug you if you said loki. or i'd probably just squeal and say "ikr".

if you met me i'd ask you if you like to read, and hope you said yes so then we could go on about our favorite books.

if you met me, you might notice that i'm a bit nervous around people and my sense of humor is really wacky. you might not get me.

if you met me i'd take you on a hike up my mountain, then down it, and then a tour of the old cabin would come next and maybe we'd scour the barns for cool things. i always find cool things on my farm. i might even take you on a bare back horse ride!

if you met me i'd show you how to climb trees and build swings, we'd probably spend hours doing the later. because i'd show you how to love swings if you already didn't. swings are my weakness. that and loki.

if you met me i'd play billiards with you, if you didn't know how, i'd teach you. if you stunk at it, i'd give up and suggest we go throw a foot ball around and hope you knew how to catch one of those.

if you met me, i'd stick my camera in your face and flash you. because i can. ;)

if you met me i'd ask if you've ever heard of Jack Johnson or Nickel Creek, if not i'd just ask you who your favorite bands/artists are and hope you like to talk about music. and i'd be totally thrilled if you were a TDG fan like me.

if you met me i'd probably be wearing skinnies, a t-shirt and a cardigan. i keep it pretty simple. you might notice my earrings too, people always do :)

if you met me, you might find it pretty boring, because unless you talk first, i probably wouldn't even say hi. i'm just shy like that.



  1. Haha I would love to meet you :)

  2. :D I freaking love you. this post is stinkin' adorable. <3

  3. <3 That is so cute!!!!! I am so glad that I have met you! <3

  4. Loved this post, Noni! It was great getting to know you a bit better. :D

    *psst* Loki's my favorite Avenger's character too! ;)

  5. If I met you . . . we would have a happy time. I should know ;)