Friday, November 23, 2012

its time for a random post

at last! i finally figured out how to get my pictures the right size without using flickr! needless to say i'm extremely happy, because i reallyreallyreally don't like flickr. it took forever to load pictures because my photos are huge, and i need them big. just not that big. i mean, i always have my camera set on 'fine' which is pretty big. like 6016x4000. but i need them at 860x572 for here. so genius me finally figured out how to get them that size. um. yeah. these photos are just a collection of random snippets of my week. my silly cats feet, my messy and much loved room, an old Polaroid of dorky 8yr old me, and that morning it was really foggy.

you know that sort of depressing post i did sometime last week? yeah, i don't know what was up with that. i think i've worked through it. i've also been listening to Three Days Grace's new album over and over and over and over. no pun intended. never mind, you won't get that.
anyway, its simply an amazing album and those dudes are so talented. sadly there are 2 songs on the album that are just plain depressing and dark, so i don't listen to those ones. but besides that, if you love rock, i'd deff. suggest you give them a try! and listen to THIS one. its *epic* and not really rocky.. :D and its soo much fun to sing along with!

so on another random note, its time for Christmas shopping! or in my case, making cool things for people.
i love making stuff, as you probably know already, so this year i've decided, that instead of stressing over how much to spend over each person, i'm just going to make things! i'm pretty excited actually, i already have one present down, now i just need to make a list of all the people i want to make things for and then spend hours on pinterest and etsy looking for ideas. i love giving stuff to people. if i were really rich i'd have the grandest time buying things for people, like, all the time.
anywho, i have a ciro app. today, i'm in desperate need of an adjustment, so i better git off here and go get myslef looking presentable to the world. ;)
are you excited for Christmas shopping/making stuff for peoples??



  1. Lulu. <3 :D I love that picture.
    and you're adorkable. a lot.
    no...I'm not excited about christmas shopping 'cause I'm flat broke. lol. Oh well. :P

  2. hey there, noni! thanks for commenting on my blog! i'm excited to have you as a new follower. :D
    lovely blog you have here, m'dear!

  3. I admire you for taking the time to make your Christmas gifts. I would LOVE to do that! But alas, I am lacking in time......and I hate to admit, lacking in talent too.... *sigh* btw I like your blog:)