Saturday, December 8, 2012

a dance in december

 "and those who were seen dancing were thought
to be insane by those
who could not hear the music" 

6 years ago today i went to this christmas dancy thingy up in the city.
not your ordinary type of dance.
more like, girls dress up in hoop skirts and some guys might wear stockings and breeches 
and we square dance type of dance.
which basically means, its the best kind.
i wore period clothing the first time, but then decided that hoop skirts are heckish to square dance in.
so i bought this sequin dress yesterday and a velvet blazer, they're sorta edgy together, but i can be sorta edgy so its ok. i love it.
i haven't been to the dance for 4 years now.
i'm so excited and ready to enter the awkwardness of not knowing ANY of the dances besides the Virginia Reel and having a blast with friends and going barefoot halfway through because my feet probably won't be able to take 6 hours of dancing in those shoes.
i know i'll have a great time!
 i hope you guys have a fantastic day!



  1. i looove the quote, and that sounds absoloutly amazing. Have a wonderful time<3

  2. I really, really love the dress. And I'm glad you picked the black one, because it looks best on you. :] Have a good time, and tell Rene hello for me!

  3. Oh. My. Word. Your entire outfit is pure perfection. I hope you have a wonderful time at that dance :D

  4. *<3*!!! I love it!!! I bet you're gonna have the best time ever. <3 <3 Someday I wanna go with you. k? :D <3 love you!

  5. You know, that's always been one of my favorite quotes of all-time :)

  6. I walked into a gym back in march unknowingly right into a period dance. My clothing was all wrong, yet as I participated in the Virginia reeling I felt this amazing energy. Wonderful, isn't it?