Thursday, December 6, 2012

random thursdays


the tree and decorations are up! i've been meaning to blog about it since tuesday, but 
i guess i procrastinated on it to long :p
anyway, i like our tree, its nothing special or fancy, i'm not much into fancy.
every year i play around with the reflective ornaments to try and get a cool pictures.
this is the only year i've succeeded.

cool huh? i think its funny that my bestie Rachel took one like this and we both blogged about it today.

i can decided which i like better, b/w or color.
which one do you like better?

i never get tired of light orbs. they're just perfect. like tom hiddleston. but, tommster is more perfect..
-moving along!- today i had a christmas session with some friends and their dogs.
i haven't even gotten the photos off my camera but i hoping they turned out good..
tomorrow i'm gonna go hang out with Lydia and go Christmas shopping and play with our cameras and maybe find a new dress for the Christmas ball that is on Saturday. i'm pretty excited about all that.
anywho, i hope you guys all have an epic weekend!


  1. oh! Yours is much better. Just as I predicted. :D <3 I like the color one better I think...
    "They're just perfect. Like Tom Hiddleston. But Tommster is more perfect." LOL! I freaking love you. and I couldn't agree more. <3
    I'm sure you'll have a *fantastic* time tomorrow! <3
    this post is wonderful.

  2. love the pictures!:) hmm, I like both of them:)

  3. I love the reflection picture in the christmas bulb! So creative.

  4. Usually I'm a black and white person, but this time I have to go with color. :) It jkust blends so nicely all together. i love the pictures, and a Christmas ball!? HOW EXCITING!