Saturday, December 15, 2012

a few pictures and a bit of rambling

light orbs are quickly becoming a favorite past time of mine.
there are so many weird things you can do with them.
none of these photos were photoshopped, i simply discovered a few fancy tricks to do with your lens and these came out.

i'm so glad its saturday, because that means tomorrow is sunday, and that means church, and i 
pretty much love my church and i missed not going to wednesday night service, so yeah.
this has been a really long week.
lots of ups and downs, right now i'm in an up.
not sure what is going on with me but i won't bother you with much of it.
tis just life and its craziness, so i'll live!

i finally finished reading Wuthering Heights, that book is mad.
i made the mistake of watching Masterpiece's version of the book, i couldn't handle it, but i was incredibly impressed by Tom Hardy's outstanding performance of Heathcliff.
i mean really, that man has some serious acting skillz and i think he's my new fave.
not to mention he's kinda gorgeous..ahem, moving on..

i'm now reading Sea Wolf {Russel Crowe as Wolf and Sam Claflin as Humph in my mind}and i have been on a bluegrass kick.
like i said, not sure whats going on with me.
i think its the boredom of these gray winter days that is getting the best of me.
yesterday i brought out my pennywhistle and learned "Concerning Hobbits" to console myself
from the fact that i've yet to go see The Hobbit.
i'm not sure it helped.
but anyway, i'm going to stop now and go get some lunch and continue with Sea Wolf.



  1. Wow. These are pretty much awesome.

  2. wow these are amazing! tutorial?(; xx

    1. ooh, that would be a good idea! :D

  3. Those are amazing! I loove the first one and the heart ones. Also, I have yet to see the Hobbit too unfortunately:( I know it was only out on midnight of thursday, but it feels like its been out for ages and i just havent been able to see it. You know? Also, I just got Wuthering Heights from the library, is it any good?

    1. Um, well, I'm actually still thinking about that book, I'd totally suggest reading it, its just a really deep book and somewhat dark and depressing, yet incredibly genius and beautiful. :)

  4. I haven't read Wuthering Heights in SO long. I may need to dust it off and read it again! One of my favorite stories.

  5. ooh!! Those are gorgeous photographs!! <3 <3
    Life is *so* craziness. I don't konw how I'm gonna get back to normal in January. lol.
    I freaking miss you.
    <3 <3 <3

  6. I just watched that version of Wuthering Heights a little while ago. Wasn't Tom fantastic?

    I was pretty taken aback by how dark it was, and I didn't think I liked it. It stayed in my head for days. Still not sure if I liked it, but I definitely found it interesting and appreciated it. Their relationship is just so messed up! They're completely obsessed with each other but they show it in such unhealthy and damaging ways. Obsessions do strange things to people.

    Very cool pictures.

    1. Haha, yeah! I'm still not sure if I liked it, Tom was the only good part of the whole thing, well that and Rick from The Walking Dead as Edgar Linton was pretty awesome too :D
      Heathclif and Cathy's relationship was intensely insane. ;)