Friday, December 14, 2012


no matter how bad you think your life is.
no matter how sad you are because you're missing out on christmas parties and new movies.
and just because you think you don't have friends and you're lonely, you're being completely pathetic.
there is always someone out there hurting more than you.
there is always someone else going through something more horrible.
so don't be such a ninny.

my thoughts and prayers are going out to all the families who lost their little loved ones today in the horrific shooting in Connecticut.



  1. So true. :( A sad reminder we all need.

  2. :'( Such an awful tragedy. <3 I'm definitely praying for all those hurting tonight. <3

  3. So sad to keep learning more about the CT shooting. Many thoughts and prayers going out to all those involved.
    xo TJ

  4. It's a sad ordeal, no doubt. But this is what happens when the Church loses it's fear of God.

    As followers of Christ, it is our responsibility to take a stand for righteousness sake, and let people know that hope is not lost, but can be found in Christ alone.

  5. True. It broke my heart to hear about the shooting yesterday. It put all the little petty things I complain about in perspective. Ya know? Praying for the families of the children and the shooters family(it must be so hard on them too). <3