Friday, December 21, 2012

and there you have it

brace yourself, now!

 i know, i know. ^morbid. but hilarious, eh?
 bloody stupid! hahahaha, i just love his face.
 oh, Dwight, you're such a freak, a really awesome freak..
 does it get any better than these two?!
i've been like this my whole life, anyone else? 
 and this has happened all to often to meh :p
 yes, i am guilty of loving this show.
quite certainly!

i don't typically like to spam up my blog with funny pictures, but i wanted to, and i can. so yup.
i found all of these hysterical and ridiculous.
i hope you did too.
which one made you chortle most?


  1. LOLOLOL!!! I laughed my face off!!! I love the Robert Dowey Jr. pic! <3 He is so cute! The one that made me laugh the hardest is the iCarly one! I love Spencer! <3

  2. Oh Spencer! I love Spencer! :D That one definitely made me chortle. and I love the Psych one and the Martin Freeman one and the Office one! LOL! They're all so good! I definitely laughed out loud several times while I read this post. xD <3