Wednesday, December 19, 2012

this is the winter where the days are running together

this is the winter where i'll remember reading more than i usually do. its Wednesday, people, and i haven't watched a bit of tv since saturday. i can hardly fathom that, it probably has to do with the fact that i'm all out of Monk and TWD and i've re-watched Psych to much already. that and i'm re-discovering my love for reading. this is the winter where i'll remember wanting to learn french and writing down Latin on my hand to help me memorize it. this is the winter of watercolor notebooks and wishing i had a puzzle to put together. this is the winter of new minnetonka house shoes. 
this has been a warm winter so far, i'm freaking psyched for christmas, but i'm not counting the days {said the liar}.
 this is the first winter of my nephew. 
this is the winter where i'll finally have the camera of my dreams to go picture taking in the snow {when if we get some}. 
this is the winter of reigniting my love for everything folk; new folk, traditional folk.
it takes me back to old days when i was little, back when folks songs were second nature to me.
back when i memorized whole ballads but never sang them onstage. that wasn't my job.
 this is the winter where i am ok with where i'm at.

i think i love this winter.

~listen, listen, listen~


  1. I loved these pictures, Noni!!! They were amazing! And I also loved hearing what you had to say. It was sweet and refreshing! I'm glad you're going to love this winter!

  2. You watch Monk??? Most people have never heard of that show when I mention how it's one of my favorites :)

    1. Yeah! I LOVE Mr. Monk, he's the best.

  3. ^_^ This post makes me feel happy and cozy and a little bit fuzzy inside. I love it. And I think you should come visit me and your tiny nephew pretty soon...