Wednesday, December 5, 2012

i call him johnny

today is my cousin's birthday.
he turns 13, his name is john cole, or just john. and johnny, but he requests that that name be reserved for family only. he's pretty much the best and strangest lil' cousin ever.
he resents being the youngest, but at the same time, he's not to thrilled to be 13 either.
and i understand that perfectly.
me and john, we're buds.
two peas in a pod.
partners in crime.
you get the jist.
it doesn't matter that i'm 5yrs older than him, it never will matter.
we're just like that and i'm glad about it, i can't imagine life without my crazy cousin.

in my mind, john will always be 7.
its hard to believe he's a good 3 inches taller than me and turning into one strappingly handsome young man! he's a really epic uncle to a really adorable little girl, i have a sneaking suspicion that he's going to be her favorite uncle too.
john loves jack johnson and john meyer and drawing, john loves to make ridiculous faces for the camera and he loves to climb stuff. i thought about showing you his most famous hideous face, but i don't think he'd appreciate that. he's a very private person.
in fact i doubt he'd admit to liking this post. but he can get over it.
not that he even knows i blog...hehe.
anyway. me and john have more in common than most siblings probably do.
its quite scary actually.
so happy birthday john boy.
don't ever stop saying hilarious things, don't ever stop making funny faces, don't ever stop being young. don't ever stop being you. because you're awesome.

uncle john and maddy lou


  1. I like hearing you talk about your cousins. From what I've heard John's a little ornery . . . like you ;D

  2. I love birthdays! Happy birthday to your cousin John. :) John Meyer? I approve of his music picks.

    -Victoria Horea

  3. Happy Birthday, John! :) He's 'dorable. I can't believe he's so grown up. <3 his eyes are so green in that picture!! ^_^

  4. Well, how about that! :D Your cousin and I share the same birthday! That is so neat. ;) Take care, and hope your cousin John had a great birthday!