Sunday, December 30, 2012

things that say a lot about people

oldie pic, back when i had a pixie!

the way which they treat the waiter/waitress:
how they feel about the weather:
whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books:
and hands in general:
their preferred creative outlet:
how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone:
whether or not they drink coffee:
if they ever forget to eat:
how honest they are with themselves (and others):
if they correct your grammar:
and whether or not they get nervous before haircut

-ok, so i *hate* ordering food, but i'm always nice to the waiter/waitress because i feel so bad for them, i'd hate to do their job. and as for those who like being a waiter/waitress, i'm still nice to them because i'm happy that there are people like them!

-i love all types of weather{rain-sun-cloudy-ect}, unless the weather is keeping me from something i want to do{floods, tornados ect-} i remember being flooded in on Christmas eve in 10'. it was horrible!

-i dog ear sometimes, but typically i leave my pages alone. it just feels wrong to mess with them. but i've never actually experimented with highlighting or underlining anything in a book other than my bible. so i'm not sure how i really feel about it.

-fingernails. i keep them short, never bite them. and sometimes i forget to cut them and it drives me insane. long fingernails are so icky. i cannot function with long fingernails. -_-

-i love noticing people's hands. mine are very soft and long. i'm particularly fond of them. but not in a weird way..ok. maybe it is weird.

-eh. my outlet is huge. everything from photography, writing, sketching, sewing, ect. i know the question was "preferred outlet" but it all depends on my moods.

-i dread talking on the phone. every fiber of my being seems to revolt at it. texting-emails-fbchat are my ways of communication.

-i drink coffee. to much probably. never black though, and starbucks is obviously the best choice.

-i'm constantly forgetting to eat! i'm always sidetracked with a project or book. its a bad habit, i know.

-i'm brutally honest with myself {or so i like to believe}, i can be a downer about it sometimes. and as far as others go..i don't like messing with people. so. yeah...i try to be honest with. people..

-i don't correct people's grammar unless to make a joke out of it. otherwise it can be rude and annoying.

-haircuts are lovely occasions! i've never been nervous for one, not even when i got a super short pixie.

this was fun, and you should join in  the fun in the comments, or a blog post of your own using the list of questions!

idea credit: bird and willow


  1. I love this so much. I agree a bunch with so much of the things you said too! You do have lovely hands. I'm jealous. lol. :D

  2. this is so fun to do! it's great to get to know you better :)

  3. the way which they treat the waiter/waitress: Completely agree. I try to make a point to be kind. Also I was a waitress for over a year and now have a whole new perspective on it. Kind of drives me crazy when someone I'm with is rude to the waiter/waitress.

    how they feel about the weather: I love cloudy/overcast/rainy. Snow is beautiful, but cold makes me miserable. I love the sun, but only when I actually have time to play in it. Ever since I got a full time job and can't go swim or lay out, it mostly just makes me sweat.

    whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books: Yep. I do this a lot. I feel like it makes the book mine. And when I read it again, it takes me back to where I was the last time I had read it. I like it, but obviously it isn't everyone's preference.

    fingernails: I'm lazy. I file or bite then file. Usually paint is chipping off.

    and hands in general: Like you, I like my hands. haha that does sound kind of weird. But my fingers are long and I like that. Partly because it makes string instruments easier to play.

    their preferred creative outlet: Writing and paint.

    how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone: Don't like it. Feels awkward.

    whether or not they drink coffee: I drink a decent amount of caffeine. But not coffee.

    if they ever forget to eat: A lot, actually. haha I completely understand. People always look at me like I'm crazy, but it happens!

    how honest they are with themselves (and others): I'm either quiet/shy or honest. Not much of an in-between.

    if they correct your grammar: haha that's rude. I do it in my head sometimes.

    and whether or not they get nervous before haircut: Not really. I love hair cuts. It always grows back!

    This was fun, you're so creative. I don't think people give these things as much thought as you do.

    And you look like Sara Quinn from Tegan and Sara. Ever get that?

    1. Haha, i didn't know who that was till I searched her on pinterest, and i can so see where i favor her! i've only ever been told i look like johnny depp, i'm never quite sure how to respond to that. ;)
      loved your answers!!

  4. Ohh I love your pixie haircut<3 its so cute. and this was such a cute idea. im with you on the outlet thing. :) mine is kinda big too. Cute post<3

  5. Yes I believe in ALWAYS being nice to the waiter or waitress. As someone who waited tables, it's such a hard job!

    Have a Happy New Year Noni :)