Monday, December 31, 2012

the last day-new years resolutions

ok, so i refuse to recap 2012, i'm not even fond of the idea that its practically over.
this year was a roller coaster that i don't care to relive. but i still don't want it to end.
so i'll spare you the drama and skip on to my resolutions. i don't normally get into resolutions.
they seem sorta silly to me, but i do silly things sometimes. 
my resolutions are few.
but necessary and practical, for the most part.

1. start my day off with prayer and my bible studies. since my schedule is gong to pick up this year, i need to not be doing prayer and bible reading when i'm really wanting to go to sleep at midnight {or past, which is often the case} this is going to be really hard for me. i'm not a morning person, i'm a night owl. but i'll adjust.

2. no soda for 2013! this isn't going to be terribly hard, i prefer water over soda anyway, and Rachel is doing it with me, so that will make it easier.

3. do nice. i need to work on my people skills, and since i'll start college in 2 weeks, this will be perfect. i want to smile more at strangers instead of giving empty spaced off looks, i want to say kinder words and speak more gently. i want to be more alert to people around me. because its way to easy for me to just shut down when i'm not in my comfort zone. and begin around people, isn't my comfort zone at all.

4. put more effort into the few relationships that i have. its no big secret that i don't have a lot of friends close to me, i mean distance wise. and all the freinds i have around here seem to be 10yrs older or 10yrs younger. but all the same, God gave them to me for a reason. so i have to put effort into them.

5. make more things. draw more, paint more, experiment with different techniques, find a purpose for my art and just do it. do anything. especially things i' haven't done before.

6. read more. last year one of my friends made a goal of reading 150books, i'd like to do something like this too. and i need to learn to not be terribly picky with what i read. i need to expand.

i am excited for 2013. i just sorta wish 2012 had lasted longer..the older i get the years seem to go by faster. and i'm sure it will only get worse.
i don't want to regret 2013.
i want to make the best of it.

my guilty pleasure, a mindless craft of cutting up pieces of paper and simply gluing them down. so much fun.

are you excited for 2013? and do you have many resolutions for this next year?



  1. <3 Those are wonderful resolutions! <3 I didn't know that Rachel was going off soda! I am planning on going off coffee and energy drinks. I had a red bull yesterday and realized that unless I have one tonight, it will be my last energy drink for a whole year! I don't mind the coffee so much. I hardly ever drink it anyway. :-)

  2. Fantastic resolutions. Really.
    Here's to 2013!

  3. I love your resolutions especially the do nice one and the 1st one. And your projects are so cute<3 i love artsy stuff. :)

  4. Those are good resolutions. ^_^ I don't have many. but you know that already. :) <3 <3 I hope 2013 is epic for you, hunny!! <3 <3 <3

  5. really love your resolutions, and this post :) happy 2013!