Sunday, January 13, 2013

i don't- i do

just two lists i wrote up earlier today, for the fun of it.

i don't like when.....

we're out of Valentina hot sauce. its always so tragic.
my cat bites me.
i dust my room.
the Doctor cries.
i get behind on laundry.
my bracelets come loose but the knot is still to tight to undo so i can redo it.
when people think i'm a sort of weirdy for putting hot sauce on everthing.
the ink runs out of my favorite pen.
i miss a sunset.
i lose lists.
John cries. cos then i cry. :p
i lose a brand new cd {i lost the lummineers y'all. still upset about that, thankfully i have the album on my computer, but still!}
i sneeze
i don't get to chat with Rachel.

new arrangements above and on the desk. i love this desk!

i do like when....

we're freshly stocked with Valentina hot sauce.
my cat purrs.
i re-organize my room.
the Doctor giggles or goes "AWEE!!!" and then hugs someone.
all my laundry is done and put away.
i have a newly tied new bracelet.
when people mimick me in putting hot sauce on everything they eat.
i get new pens.
i capturing the sunset.
i make a list and check everything off!
John is happy. its not that often it seems.
i get a brand new album {just ordered Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men, and Chris Augusts new album}, when i don't sneeze?
i do get to chat with Rachel!

i feel like rambling for a moment, bare with me?
basically, life is going really well, my head is up, if only to keep it clear. i'm nervous/excited about tomorrow, i'm glad to not be discouraged anymore. i look forward to every new day. every new morning where i wake up, get some coffee, have a quiet time, read my favorite blogs, and then just do life. my life
it isn't exactly how i'd have it, my life that is. but it was the life i was given, and its up to me what i do with it. so i'm going to do it great.


  1. You got me addicted to Valentina. mmm. I love it. :D
    yes. When the Doctor and/or John cry, It kills me. I love it when you get to chat with me. :D
    ohgawsh! I just love these lists a bunch. so much fantastic. ^_^ <3
    love that rambly stuff. <3
    Miss you, lady!

  2. haha! I liked this post. It was fun... but I know what you mean when the Doctor or John are upset. *sniff*

  3. :) I don't like it when the doctor cyries ethier! <3 Cute post Jana!

  4. I liked this I do/I don't post. Very unique! My cat bites me as well. She bit my nose last week!

  5. I love this post. I looove your desk and I love your bracelets. But I especially love your last paragraph. I used to wake up each morning and thank God for the day because it was a good day because it was one He made and gave us and another day of being alive and to cherish. Somehow, along the way, I stopped doing that. I kinda forgot about it. But I'm glad you reminded me of it because I think it's important to appreciate each day and your life. Even when you have some rough days, its still worth appreciating.

    Ps. I also love the Lumineers and Imagine Dragons<3

  6. Your desk reminds me of mine! Love it. And those kind of bracelets. Also new pens are the besssssst! It was a lovely post :)

  7. Oh Noni! That desk is super awesome!
    And the picture below it, and did you make that striped v bracelet? I know how to make a candy stripe but not that kind! =D
    I liked your list of do's and don'ts too. =)
    Your life. --- I like that.


    1. Yeah! I made all those bracelets =)
      and thanks!!

    2. Sweet! I'm gonna make a Chevron bracelet, I just looked it up online; they're so cool!