Saturday, January 12, 2013

yesterday was a lucky day

yesterday i substituted for my a friend who runs an in-home daycare, on the way home me and my mom stopped at this huge antique store. and i'm so glad we did.
because it was my lucky day.

i collect mainly tin plates, although i have a few really pretty china ones too.
tin is just my favorite and somewhat hard to find, especially hard to find cheap.


and these two cameras i got for less than 6 bucks {together}. the Kodak came with its original cardboard case and users manual too. i doubt either of them work, but they sure will look nice on my book shelf!

mug. 50cents. nuff said.
and this tin matches one that i already have, i'm a major sucker for old tins!

well, this is pretty much all i have today, folks.
 i'm still sorta reminiscing from having just finished the Fellowship last night, and then i watched the movie last night too. i actually woke up this morning dreaming about hobbits.
no, i'm *not* obsessed. no seriously. i've just been reading a lot 'bout hobbits!
but i'm really glad i have a new book so my 'book hangover' can be comforted a bit.




  1. Ooh. Those plates are lovely. The colors are so vibrant. I love vintage things also! Good deals are the best. :)

  2. Those cameras are beautiful!!! <3

  3. Oh wow I love those plates. So pretty! And I'm way jealous of your camera. I don't collect anything. But I wish I did. xx | Natalia.

  4. ooh! I love that first plate! xD <3 and the camera's and that mug. :D awesome stuff. <3

  5. Beautiful! I'm big into aniques, though not the same kind as you. I like more victorian/colonial/farmhouse style. Yeah, I know, those don't go together. But I make them. ;)
    The camera's are cool!!! And I LOVE the mug with "Expect a miracle". Sooo pretty and great saying. Pretty much makes you want to believe in God. hehe!! Glad you had a great day!

  6. I love the camera! I love antique stores in general. In the town where I live, there are two antique stores that I love to occasionally visit on a Saturday or Snuday afternoon. It's like traveling back in time to days that I never experienced.

  7. Holy good finds! Your plate collection is amazing! And I know what you mean about little tins. They're just small and pretty and the options of what you could put in them are endless! Change, jewelry, rolled up notes or could use it to hold pencils....or pens. Just endless.