Thursday, January 17, 2013

i honestly don't mind

its been a busy-out of the usual week. starting with classes on monday/wednesday, and my mom being gone helping out a friend, then coming down with some sort of horrid stomach flu. i've had run of the house since monday. it's not a new experience, the responsibility doesn't bother me. keeping up the house, cooking, feeding the animals in the morning, making sure they have water in the afternoon {its so cold here, we have to keep it broken up} making dad's lunch for work, dong laundry ect-.
i find a pleasant satisfaction when i can manage to keep the whole house clean, food made, animals fed and taken care of. it certainly keeps me busy, our house is huge and even though there's not that many people living in it, it somehow manages to get itself messed up pretty bad sometimes. at the moment, its lookin' quite nice.

when i have the house to myself, with people only randomly coming in and out. it gives me a lot of alone time. tons of time to think while i do laundry or dishes or something of the sort. also, lots of time to read, thats always welcome

meeting different sorts of people this week has been nice, i think i could get used to it. looking at the results of life. the way people let it affect them. 
i'm not gonna get all deep and thoughtful, i'm just saying its quite interesting. it makes me want to not live in a cave anymore. 
its only the 17th of january, but i feel ready for this month to end already, its lasting forever it seems. i'm so ready for spring and summer, then fall again when i start my first full semester.

oi. i feel like smiling.

“it was only puppy love”
“yes, but it sure hurt the  puppy”

i've learned something about myself. its really quite obvious. but i guess it sorta became super clear this week.
and that is that i have to be shoved, i mean. hurled out the freaking door of comfort to do new things. ha, if it had been up to me i'd have become a hermit.
and never ever known what i'd have been missing out on. ;) 
 i wasn't aware that "growing up" can be pleasant sometimes.


           ^this girl's photography will stun you


  1. When I have a lot of alone time, as you describe with yuor family being gone, it always gives me a good opportunity to be thoughtful and contemplative. So whenever my roommates are out of town I like to solitude. It's nice every once in a while. As far as needing to be hurled our of your confort zone, that'[s the case with most people, as the very definition of a comfort zone is a place of comfort. It's not easy to step outside of that. But once you do, it opens up a whole new world :)

    1. Wow..I need to proofread better. Please ignore the 10 typos in the paragraph above :)

    2. Haha! sok', I've been making awful typos all freaking day xD
      I understand completely(:

  2. ohmygosh! The shadow photos are SO gorgeous. Your freaking eyelashes. <3
    I'm ready for January to be over too! Can't wait for March. ;) I'm glad you've been enjoying life. ^_^ <3

  3. Funny, you feel like the month should be over and I feel like it's barely begun. Time seems to move at different paces. For a while it goes slowly and then it goes quickly and it's different for different people at different times.

  4. Love this, Noni. I already have a problem with leaving my house and meeting people and being in crowds, or big echo-y buildings, but in the winter it's worse. I could be a total hermit if my parents permitted me to be. But right now I'm ready for spring and summer and being able to leave the confines of my house. Not to see people necessarily, but just to walk outside without needing boots and a coat. To go sit in the hammock. Anything. And dude, your eyelashes!! Gimme them. And I have to agree. I'm ready for this month to be overrr. But that's mostly because then ill be in El Salvador. With sunshine. Ok now I'm off to watch Return to Cranford. xx | Natalia.

  5. I love the shadows, and i love the way you write and I totally agree with you. January seems to be taking forever. And it doesn't even feel like January to me.