Wednesday, January 16, 2013

issues- an announcement

hey! just popping in really fast to let you guys know that the internet where we live
is, issues. it'll work for 5min, the go off for an half our. its very frustrating.

so i'll just keep reading along like i have been all week.
i'll also try and catch up on everyone's blogs today, wish me luck there! ;)

and i hope you guys are having a funtastic week!



  1. OOh, our was doing that for a while! It's so frustrating, isn't it? Hope it gets resolved soon.... x

    And oh... that picture... is now pinned. :D

  2. That picture is AMAZING!!! :-) Sorry your internet is being crappy. :-)

  3. pooh. I hate your internet. I think I've mentioned that already though...^_^ I hope it's fixed soon!! <3
    That quote = lovely. <3