Sunday, January 27, 2013

i adore this album, just got it the other day, its such a blessing, can't wait to see Chris again in concert!

just a small portion of my lovely music stack ;)

the amazing chris thile and edgar meyer

music has always been in my life, i was raised on it, rarely is the room quiet when i'm in it, because i've always got music going, weather its a favorite album, new or old, or just my pandora {normally set to jazon mraz station or folk} i have it loud, and i have it constantly.

this being said, i really hate when people hate on music. even if i agree with them or just see their point.. i still don't like it, its just not right somehow.
i was going to write up a post all about music, but awhile back the cool adam young of owl city wrote a post called 'how to listen to music', and its spot on. while reading it, the more i read the more i was all "yes! yes, that. exactly!!". he's way better at getting things across than i am, so if you want to read the full version, you can find it here. 
if you're a lover of music, i know you'll really appreciate that post.
and if you don't want to read the full version, i've taken a few favorite bits of it for here. :)

"I suppose it all boils down to the universal idea that learning to be more openminded (without compromising in any way morally or ethically) can allow you to appreciate more colors than you ever thought existed on the palette. I feel like we have a way of limiting ourselves in the way we appreciate creativity, whatever the medium. For music, thinking this way doesn’t mean you suddenly love everything you hear — maybe it’s even the opposite — but it means you listen to what you listen to with a pure admiration and respect for exactly what it is instead of how it makes you look to other people. Not because a certain type of people are associated with it, not because you want to like it even if you don’t, not because you’re the friend who always introduces everybody to new music and when people start listening to it, you bail. You listen to it because you think it rules."

 "I’ve always sort of hopped from one stone to another across a stream of conscious and unconscious appreciation for the emotion and artistic integrity of music as an art form, that is to say, I’ve always latched onto one thing for awhile (a music era or genre) and then moved on to the next thing, but mostly because I have a short attention span and that’s the way I’m wired. Over the past ten years I’ve somehow learned to not take so much stock in whatever it is I’m listening to solely as a music person or an artist, or rather how it looks on the outside. I don’t even care anymore, thus I’ve learned to enjoy whatever it is for the value it contains and hopefully not for the wrong reasons. Suddenly everything becomes clear and real and true and twice as beautiful because it’s genuine and you’re finally content with liking what you like, and not because of how people might think of you liking it. Maybe you still hate whatever’s on the radio but it’s an honest dislike and not prejudiced or biased because you’re annoyed with the kind of people who only love what’s on the radio. I feel like this is a rationality that comes with age, and maybe it’s lost on most people who didn’t grow up as music kids. Thoughts just pop into my head and I type them out and put them on the internet."



  1. Aaagh. I adore music. and that AY quote up top is so perfect. <3 I adore this post....<3 <3
    mixx you!

    1. lol. and I said "adore" several times in that comment. it just described how I felt about this post so well! xD lol

  2. Nickel Creek is sosososososo good and I looove folk music too! It's always refreshing meeting other people my age who like it. It seems like usually is oldsters who like it, haha.

    1. Gah! I know. They will forever be one of my favorites, they're epic! <3

  3. I love Chris Thile's cover of the White Stripes "Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground." Also LOVE the White Stripes!

  4. Music, to me, is the most beautiful form of art. I love how each and every song is unique to the listener. None of us hear a song the same way. It has a different meaning to us all. May music always light up your life :)

  5. I absoloutly looove it when you quote Adam Young. He's my favorite. And I've read that blog posts. He's a wise guy, you know? And I totally agree with him and you. Also, you have a GREAT taste in music. Most of your cds, I also own and love. 'Specially Daughtry,Lumineers, imagine dragons, and phil phillips. I was just listening to daughtry yesterday in the car when I was going to the mall. :)

  6. absolutely agree. thanks for sharing this little portion of your love for music to us, I think we can all relate! lovely post x

  7. I don't know how people can live without music. I have a pretty wide range (I listen to anything from opera to nickleback {but Nickleback I listen to with some serious discretion. I like a lot of their lyrics but they do have the occasional "What the heck was that!?" song} country, Josh Groban.... etc.) I don't understand how people can not like music. It baffles me.

    I really liked this post, noni. :)x

  8. Music<3 i agree, and i grew up with it too!:) it's nice to finally find people that are younger and appreciate it. i usually post a new song every monday on my blog;) haha. and i love that picture of your stack of music! great taste!