Tuesday, January 29, 2013

maybe people shouldn't make me nervous, but they do. and probably always will. i've learned how to deal with it for the most part, i've learned that when i get nervous my palms sweat and my cheeks get really rosy, i never knew that before, still not liking discovery. 

truth is, i don't need an excuse to post a picture of Tom here, Hiddleston is a beautiful person, i really wish i could drag him to church with me. ;) i love how positive he always seems too.

there's something jacked up with my photo software, thats why there's been a little lack of my own photography on here. hopefully i'll get that fixed soon, but i'm in no rush.
anyhow, so far there's not much of a point to this post, but i'm fine with that, there's thunder outside and i have a new book to read after homework is done. i went skating today with friends and slept in till almost noon. it was really nice even if i didn't want to go skating. i supposed i'm feeling pretty unsocial today. or maybe i'm coming down with a cold, neither of those would surprise me.
i've been thinking a lot about people lately, and i suppose thats why there's people quotes up there.
i seem to have hundreds of thoughts swirling around in my head, but none of them are behaving and coming down into my fingers so i can type them out.
so i'm just going to go now..



  1. ugh. people make me nervous too. it's true...
    Oh.......Tom. <3 that picture is so precious. so positive and *always* happy. <3 <3
    I'm glad it's been a lovely day. :)

  2. Noni you always pick the best quotes to put on your posts! I love the "Love is" and "Love isn't" quote!

  3. I love this post! People make me nervous too, even my closest friends. I usually feel pretty unsocial too, but after being in a truck, an airplane or a little house all day and not being able to talk to anyone for real i'm actually wishing for some human interaction. however in the winter, i'm always unsocial. must be the water here ;)
    and i gotta admit this.. tom does look good in that picture ;) xx

  4. The love quote = perfection. And also, I get what you mean about thinking about people a lot. I do that too. I try to figure it out. And i try to figure out why some make me nervous and some don't. Because it doesn't have to do with the opposite gender or just the people i have crushes on. Sometimes I'm nervous around girls or adults, it all depends I guess. It's weird though. Because some people would define be as wild and crazy and others would define me as quiet and shy. I think it has to do with whether the person is outgoing and friendly or not. Because if they are shy too, then it gets a bit uncomfortable because that means someone has to say something 1st you know? And usually, i like it better when people approach me instead of me approach them. And I don't know why that is either. :P Or, if they seem friendly and pleasant with a smile on their face, they don't even have to be outgoing, they're just easily approachable to me because I feel like I won't be judged by what i say and that we'll get along easier if they're naturally friendly.

    I just don't get how some people aren't nervous around others at all, like anyone at all. And can talk and be one version the whole time. Sometimes, I wish I was like that. But honestly, i guess it doesn't matter too much in the long run. Its just weird to think about.

    (Sorry, another ranting post :P )

  5. People make me nervous too. I always think of the PERFECT thing to say, two days later.