Monday, January 14, 2013

my first day of college

you don't really have to read this. but i wanted to write about today, so here it goes!

today,  was a nervous as heck sorta day. i didn't know what to do with myself while i waited. i did all the outside chores, blogged, messaged Rachel a bit, did some school, read Clockwork Angel {really awesome book} and just waited. Finally it was time to leave for Algebra class.
my teacher is this super, adorable, elderly lady, who i think i am going to really like {and she knows my brother, and everyone likes him, so i am sure she'll like me too}. but you know, its math. and math sucks no matter WHAT. so i can guarantee that i'll hate that class, no one was friendly to me, but i expected that. it was short, just intros and junk. but i know i'll do fine grade wise. i may hate math, but i do understand it, thank goodness.

then i came home, and waited 4 hours for the most dreaded class ever.
Public Speaking.
i was/am completely blown away with how i feel about this on ;)
amazingly i wasn't shaking that bad when i walked into the room. i didn't have much time to survey my surroundings, my first instincts when walking into a room. i just saw a familiar face and when straight to it. i didn't even think about it. i guess that was instinct too. go to anything familiar.
the familiar face was a girl who i'd hung out with before with one of my other friends, lets call her, Familiar Face, hehe.  i said hi and asked if she remembered me, thankfully she did, she just didn't know how to say my name. the guy next to me said hi and i think we chatted a wee bit. the teacher did all the usual intro stuff, the guy next to me, lets just call him Mr. Blue {he has gorgeous blue eyes}, made a few funny sarcastic jokes and i did awkward turtle, which he never had seen before. the teacher is so freaking DRY. its actually hilarious.
not like she has a sense of humor, just how she talks. all in one tone, sorta like the slug lady from Monsters Ink., except she doesn't have anger problems...i hope. anyway. the teacher is a bore. nuff said. {although i am pretty sure she's very nice}.

now the people in the class, they were the interesting part. the group wasn't really all that diverse. everyone seemed to be wearing black, and everyone seemed pretty rough. there was a Mohawk lady with lots of ear piercings, and one lady with lots of colorful tattoos. several smokers, a few loners, one whovian. i liked her. she was on my side of the class room, which happened to the the most diverse side of the room and i hope i end up sitting in between Familiar Face and Mr. Blue the whole semester. they made me feel comfortable and secure and i liked that. it was so encouraging. 

for our first speech we have to introduce someone. i got paired up with Familiar Face, although i secretly wanted to be paired with Mr. Blue because he's got a wicked sense of humor and has a sweet southern slur. I wouldn't have minded begin paired up with Whovian lady either. anyway.
Familiar Face seems to be a really fun person, she's pretty random, i think i'll have a fun time introducing her {the speech is in two weeks}.
we asked each other all sorts of great questions, and eventually, near the end, we had an audience. it was pretty amusing. especially when i asked her what her favorite brand of socks was. i don't know where that question came from. but i am glad i asked.
and, well thats all i have! i'm tired and relieved that today was good and that speech was fun!
i want to thank all of you guys for your encouraging comments! they mean so much to me.



  1. I am glad you liked it better than you expected!! Your speech class sounds fun! <3 I hope it is fun the rest of the year too! <3

  2. Hahaha!!!! That sounds great! So glad you blogged about it. I would LOVE to take a speech class. Call me crazy, I know, but I would. It would just be fun. Especially if I could take it with you. LOL. But anyway, I hope the teacher get's more exciting {maybe she was scared for the first day of class too!} and everything keeps going great!
    Ugh, yes, math is not the most exciting thing in the world...but, you know, Anne of Green Gables says anything could be thrilling, so you never know... -_*
    I'm just glad it went so well. Good days are nice.

  3. aw, this is absolutely wonderful! im glad you found it really fun :) thanks for sharing with us x -Jianine

  4. That sounds like an awesome first day my friend. Hopefully familiar face and mr blue are but two of the many new friends you'll meet this semester :)

  5. This is awesome. I'm so glad it all went better than you expected! :D <3 It sounds like you had a fun time in speech class. and I know what you mean about someone familiar. When I walk into an unfamiliar/awkward situation someone familiar makes a *huge* difference. ^_^
    You're a doll. And I miss you. <3

  6. Ahaha! Thats so funny! It sounds like we have similaaar experiences! Because speech class is the only one where i actually enjoy it a lot and felt comfortable in as well. I did make a friend in my Anatomy class the other day, but in speech class we did an exercise where we had to go around the room to everyone and so you ended up getting to know a lot of the people and most of them were really nice and interesting. And there was that one cute guy who complimented me on the perry the platypus shirt. haha. It sounds like he was your Mr.Blue. lol. Naw, im only kidding because i didn't get to talk to him long enough to see if we're similar or if he is someone I would like. But he was cute. That's all im saying. XD lol. I'm glad you had a good first experience and I hope your math class gets better and that people warm up and become more outspoken as the semester goes oN! Sometimes it happens, but sometimes it doesn't. :/ OH and your monster inc comparison to your teacher made me laugh. :)

  7. Yay! I'm glad everything went pretty well. Keep us updated. Especially about Mr. Blue ;) xx | Natalia.

  8. Yay! I'm glad it went well. I loooooooooved my speech class I took a few years ago. We all ended up like siblings somehow. The entire class (about 30 people) and it was awesome.