Thursday, January 10, 2013

you've probably never had this for snack/lunch

cucumber{s}, chilli lemon seasoning, lemon juice {either from fresh lemons or bottled}
i never measure anything, just do what you think you can handle.

i've have drank the left over juice/chillilemonstuffs before, its pretty tart though. i wouldn't really suggest it.

General Tso Wok sauce, white rice. {soy sauce is optional}
again, i never measure anything.

 i'm sure this dish has been done before, but i was the first to invent it in my family, and i'm the only one who eats it too! 

have any of you guys ever eaten these dishes? if not, and you like spicy, give them a try! 
so stinking delicious and super duper easy to prepare!
what kind of weird yummy things do you like to eat?



  1. I've wondered if spicy cucumbers taste good. I bet they do!

    Weird yummy things? I like cottage cheese on my potato chips. Yep. It's kind of a tradition on my Mom's side of the family. I'm usually the only one who eats it in our house though.

  2. I really need to add some variety to my diet. These dishes look super good. I have a habit of always eating on the go sue to grad school and my job. You've inspired me to look into adding more variety :)

  3. Hmmm the first one seems really intriguing. I haven't tried them before but thats because I try to shy away from cucumbers. I just don't like their taste...howeeeeever I am a spicy i might have to try it. Maybe I'll like it. :)

    I've tried Cottage Cheese with pickles before. The crunchy good kind. I've had salami sandwhiches on raisen bread. I've had banana and strawberry, creme cheese, cinnamon and tortilla wraps before. Sometimes just with bananas...othertimes just with strawberries...sometimes both. Thats prob my fav food creation. :) If you put salt on your green apples, its amazing. And thats about all I got!

  4. Hmm, those cucumbers look super delish! Ill have to try those somedays. We make that rice sometimes. I love it! I don't know if we eat anything really strange.. Foreign maybe but that's just because of being halfbreeds ;) xx | Natalia.

  5. Muy interesante. *smile* Love the photographs - they make my least favorite vegetable {I can only eat cucumbers in sushi} look quite scrumptious. ;)

    xoxo | grace
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