Wednesday, February 6, 2013

in the morning

in the morning, when i rise, give me Jesus

i think i'm becoming immune to coffee, either that or i should really go to bed before 1am if i continue to plan on getting up at 7 every morning to continue in this. i'm becoming a morning person, its very strange to enjoy the mornings.
the sun is always just peeking up from the hills behind the barns. the ground is white with frost and the bare trees look especially gorgeous wrapped in fog and smoke.
i like being awake early {i never though those words would come out of me} for several reasons. for one, everything is quiet, i can focus on God and have at least two hours of quiet time. no interruptions, just me and the morning, me and some Jesus time. 
its a fresh, peaceful start to the day. i find that i can accomplish soo much more in the day. not just because i have more time {ok, maybe that is a bit of the reason} but just because i somehow feel more up to par. i am adapting well to these beautiful mornings.



  1. I love the picture of the dog house in the second-to-last photo. That reminds me of the dog house that we had for my border collie when I was a little boy.

  2. You give me hope that I, one day, may be a morning person. It's definitely so much more productive. And Jesus time? Always a plus.

    Love that second picture.

  3. My heart is that of a morning lovers'. I have come to treasure the mornings when I get up before the sun, I feel so hopeful for the day when I get to drive to work as the sun is just beginning it's own work as well. Perfect soul time with God, I agree.

    And yeah, I am the only one of my friends' who love the morning time so much. Haha. It's a rare thing!

  4. The pic of that book end.... I liked that.
    I'm so glad you are enjoying your morning time! Mayhap one day I will begin to like it too.... ;) Yeah, going to bed before 1:00 am might help too. :D <3 <3

  5. I loved how the same colors came back in every picture:) Good morning to you!

  6. I agree with you. Mornings are seclusive and beautiful. I don't think they're appreciated enough. I will be honest, seeing as I don't have to get up early very often anymore, i usually don't. Because I also stay up late. But I used to have to get up early for school all the time, and I would have like a half an hour where the whole household was quiet, I had my coffee, the sun was just beginning to say hi and I had the Bible in front of me and everything was right. And still. In the midst of busy lives, those were perfect moments. Thanks for the lvoely pictures that went with it, they were very artsy. Like with different perspective and views and focus, and I liked it. :)

  7. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Your blog is lovely, and I'm following :)
    Kristin @ Serendipity

  8. Oh, this is beautiful noni! <3
    I'm a morning person by nature, (though I must admit I've been getting up late of late, 'cause I was staying up to late...) and you described it just right. The early morning feel, more time in the day, spending that time with Jesus and the everchanging scene out the window!
    You've got a pretty good view from your house. A 'long' view anyway. =)


  9. These pictures are so beautiful<3 i really want to pick up photography! do you have any tips?
    Jules from :)