Friday, February 8, 2013

i has stuff on my mind.
1. classes have been going swell. i'm excited for monday because i don't have to give a speech! i did last monday, it was a narrative speech. i'm sure i did better than i think, cos i think i was horrible. ;) 
2. i'm completely at a loss of what to blog about, i figure i could do one of those really classy posts that actually have a point and nice pictures and beautiful words. or i could just be without class {as i so often am} like. this.
3. i got my 76th follower! whoopie! thank you to *everyone* who follows and leaves sweet comments. i love you peoples. you make me smile.
4. i'm gonna be hanging with my bestest friends in the world in just one week. i can't hardly stand myself i'm so excited. and i get to see my nephew, who's beautiful.
5. sometimes, weirdly enough, i feel pressured to not blog everyday. as if, thats not "the cool" thing to do. well buggar, i happen to like blogging, even if its dumb random posts like these.



  1. Well I like dumb, random posts like these, so there. :D

    Um... I'M SO GLAD that I'm not the only one who feels like I should do one of those, as you put it, "really classy posts that actually have a point and nice pictures and beautiful words." Hehehe. I can't manage it though. lol. ;)


  2. Haha, I feel pressured TO blog every day :P I enjoy your posts, no matter if they are deep or just sweet and random like this one.

    P.S. best friends and nephews are the bessssssst!

  3. Oh, P.P.S., when I took my speech class I always thought I did badly, especially at first. But eventually I gained more confidence in my speeches and my teacher always said I did well. So, I am sure you did too :)

  4. I'm sure you did better on your speech than you think. We always percieve our speechers to be woerse than they actually were. As for blogging frequency, there's no such thing as too frequent or too infrequent. I do every third day because my brain isn't creative enough to do daily posts :)

  5. yayyy! i'm so excited about you going to see your family and nephew next week. i bet you're going to have a blast. i wish i could post every day but if i would try to set that goal then i'd get discouraged. i do a style post on mondays, a travel related one on wednesdays, a how to one on saturdays and then if i feel the urge to write something else then i just schedule it in there somewhere else haha. i happen to like your "random" posts. p.s. i finally emailed you!! xx

    1. ehehe, ok, i'll try and reply today! :D

  6. *Squeeeee*!!! I can't wait to see you. :D :D
    You're the best. And your blog is my favorite ever. always. :D And I adore these random little non-classy posts. ^_^

  7. Eeeeeeek!!!! I CANNOT wait to see you and give you a big hug!!!!!! It's going to be a pretty epic Friday, I just know it. *shivers with anitcipation*
    Aw, I love your blog, even though I don't get to comment on evey post {due to our stinky internet that take forever...} I wish I could blog as much as you do! It's awesome!!! I like it when you do lists too. Someday I might. Maybe. Just for fun. ;) We'll see!!
    Love you!!!! <3 <3