Saturday, February 9, 2013

listnening to- New Slang by The Shins
Comes And Goes by Greg Laswell

 hey looky! a classy post with pictures that actually have a point to them! yay.
so i've been wanting to do one of these posts for awhile now. i've seen them done lots of times, but i was recently inspired by one of my favorite blogs, so here ya go!
this is my purse, er. bag. *in steven voice*- i made it myself.

inside my bag you'll always find:

i don't feel like i need to list what these items are..but in case you're wondering. yess, that is a loki action figure and a pocket knife. and i save my monster tabs for Rachel.

on the way out the door i always end up grabbing either my sketch pad, book i'm reading, or little note pad, just in case i get bored somewheres.
you may have noticed that there's no cell phone in these photos, thats because i forgot to get it.
and i always forget to put it in my purse, yeh. i pretty much loath cell phones.
so i just use my moms.
i hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! i'm going to spend mine drawring and watchin' DW and tomorrow i have another photo session. till monday!



  1. Oooh I love it! Gah I REALLY want to sew again! You have inspired me, now I can't wait to get my sewing stuff out even more :P

    The Loki figurine made me crack up. Your purse and even the things inside are all classy and cool, and then there's this Loki figure... and suddenly everything is even classy-er. Hahaha! You are awesome.

    Sounds like a wuuuuuuuuunderfull weekend. Enjoy! :)

  2. Ehehehe. LOL... you have a Loki action figure in your purse. I carry a sonic screwdriver. I love being silly.

    I need to put a sketch pad in my purse. Why did that never occur to me before?

  3. Doctor Who always makes a fabulous weekend!! That is a fun post! I love that you always carry your Loki everywhere. :-)

    Can't wait to see you next week!!!! I even set back a smidgen of money for if we get to go to the mall. :-)

  4. :D ONe of the reasons You're so dang awesome. :D This is great. You have the coolest stuff!! I have a purse like that!!! ;) Someone great made it for me. I love it. It has DW pins on it....and some similar stuff in it. :D <3 fun post!

    1. P.S. Can I copy this post?? :D <3

    2. gah. you're the bestest.
      yes, you can certainly copy this! i didn't make up the idear anyway :D

  5. Love this. Id so do this if I were 1, in the states, and 2, wore a purse. Oh and you made that?!?! My birthday was a few weeks ago... ;D jk jk. xx

  6. For some reason, it just makes sense that you'd carry a pocket knife haha. And how very talented you are, making such a cute bag. You should probably open an Etsy shop. Apparently that's the thing to do.