Friday, February 1, 2013

of january


i don't normally do such long photo filled posts, i don't know why, maybe i should more often though.
 these all just little snippets of my january.
which one is your favorite?


i need your opinion, photos to large, or not? i've been trying to get them just the right sizes, and i either seem to go to small or to big! arg.


  1. Hello there. Love your photography! It's beautiful :) Love your bloggy too :) And of course anyone who would post crazy pics of their cat, Tom Hiddleston, Matt Smith/Doctor Who and Of Monsters and Men (whoot whoot) is of course stellar in my book haha :) Look forward to reading more.

    Jeanine :)

    1. Hai!! Thank you so much! Glad you also like Tom, Matt/DW and OMaM! :)

  2. Yes do more photo posts!! You are talented :) I love the kitty ones I just can't help it. All the kiddies (are those your siblings?) are adoooooorable too!

    1. hehe, thanks!! Nope, they're not, sometimes I wish a few of them were though ;) They're just kids I know really well from church=)

    2. Aw, sweetness! Either way, little kiddies are the best. I have a few nephews and nieces and they are some of my favorite people on earth!

      P.S. I tagged ya:

  3. I like these kind of posts. I'm more the sort who would rather have too many pictures than too many words. :)

    I'm going to have to say that my favorite pictures were: the one of your front door? It looks like a front door, at least. And the one of the girl walking through the grass. :) Puuuurty.

  4. Ooooh!!! Your hair is getting so long! xD <3 I adore the picture of the muddy converse and the one of your sparkly shadow. :D awaysomay.
    I love you picture filled posts. You should do more of them. ^_^

  5. One favorite?
    Ah no; but I do like that group of six a lot! (starting from the puzzle)
    And your sparkly shadow; when the light hits my earring looks much like that, only a little smaller. I also have way too many picture of the little lights, they're so captivating! =D
    The one after the slide; just LOVE those crinkle smiles!!
    And basically from there down they were all favorites. =)


  6. These are brilliant; you are brilliant. And you're stunning! I'm still working on how to do self portraits. Because my goood camera, the Nikon, is very big and I don't have a stand or anything. So if I want to do a self portait I have to find places to put it on like a table or chair, but I only have limited options of what to do with the photo because I either have to adjust to whatever height it is at. And I can only do the take a picture with me using one hand if I use my not as nice camera that is much smaller but not as good quality wise. So... any tips?

    Also, I really the 2nd picture, the picture of the balloons on the wall, and the muddy converse. <3

    1. Yeah, get a tripod! ehehe, they make the WORLD of difference, if it wasn't for my tripod i'd have zero good self portraits. =) actually, i take that back, i have some good ones that i took with my point and shoot :D
      and thank ya, dear! <3