Saturday, February 2, 2013

tag, you're it!

listening to- The Side Of Heaven by Chris August

lacey from [a thinking place]  tagged meh! so here are the questions she set for me to answer. but first, a picture of the adorable man and one of his funny quotes.

·  Have you ever sewn your own piece of clothing?  
yes! i have sewn skirts and dresses before, they have all turned out really well because i had my there telling me how to do the hard parts, she's a really good seamstress.

·  Do you have a job? If so, where? If not, where do you want to work? 
nope, sure don't, and i don't want on till this fall when i start school full time! i'd like to work at a daycare or nursery {the plant kind}

·  Describe your perfect first date
 um, lacey, this isn't a question, hahaha! ;) sorry, being a butt. 
um, perfect date. going to the art museum in St. Louis, then to Forest Park for a picnic or lunch at a cute cafe in down town St. Louis.

·  Who is your too-old-for-you-but-still-hot celebrity crush? [ c'mon, I know you have one ]
hahaha! well, first it was Christian Bale {like, 20yrs to old}, then Mr. Beautiful Depp {he's my dads age, O.o} but now its Tom Hiddleston, he's only 13yrs older..and honesty, is that to much? ;)

·  Shaken or stirred?
whaa? uh, shaken, i suppose.

·  Have you ever had something stolen from you?
not that i recall!

·  What is an animal that creeps you out?
my brothers.

·  Do you ever have a hard time letting people get close to you?
well, i have a hard time opening up, but i'm not sure thats the right answer. i guess i don't, it just depends on the person? eh, idk. like, if there's a super open, friendly person and they put me at east fast and i don't mind letting them get close to me, in fact i welcome it.

·  If you could change one thing about your personality or one habit that you have, what would it be?
well honestly, i'm just beginning to be very ok with my personality, i don't think i'd change a thing, not even my temper. but a habit? i have a bad habit of procrastination, i'd like to be done with that.

·  Have you ever done anything for a homeless person?
yes, when i was 10 me and my family took in another family for the summer and they lived in our trailer that we lived in while we built our house. they were our friends, but they were homeless too! so i guess that counts. {that was one of the best summers of my life, btw}.

·  Are you a cat or dog person?
both!! i like dogs because i can be rough, and you can't really play rough with cats. but dogs you can, and i play rough. i love cats just as much as dogs though. actually, my cat is pretty rough, she just smacked our dachshund. ehehe.

well that was fun and a great way to wake up! ha, i really did just wake up an hour ago {its noon}. hope you guys have a funtastic Saturday!




  1. Haha, I pointed out Jessica's non-question too :P

    Christian Bale is my old-man-celebrity-crush, too! ugh he is soooo dreamy! and yes, I am aware I sound like a 13-year-old.

    Your comment about your bro's being the animals that creep you out made me lol. Cause I'd answer the same too :P Oh, brothers...

    Loved your answers! Have a fab saturday Noni! :D

  2. P.S. I WOULD LOVE TO WORK AT A PLANT NURSERY TOO!!! What a perfect idea! I really hope you do some day!

  3. LOL your answer to the animals that creeps you out question made me almost spit out my cereal!! Hilarious!

  4. Your bothers!!!! I did a double take on that one! =D Do they know you feel that way about them?! ;)
    Yeah, same here, I'd like to work with plants. They're so cool! All the shapes and sizes and colors...I might take my camera too...!
    Playing with cats is different than playing with dogs...quite!


  5. hahaha. Your brothers. xD lol. I adore this post. You always have the *best* answers for these things!!

  6. Johnny Depp YES. <3 and Christian Bale too. But to be honest, I liked him better when he was younge rlike in Little Women or the Newsies. But I didn't think he was as attractive in Batman or the Prestige with the stubble and he seemed too serious. I liked him better as a laughing, jokester guy.