Wednesday, February 13, 2013

oh dear, everyone out here stumbles on fear..

honestly, i've been feeling the urge to write something thought provoking, something touching and encouraging. about how even tho life does indeed suck sometimes, every thing is ok and will work out in the end. i've been wanting to tell a story, share my heart, maybe even write some more of my abstract poetry that i'm so fond of. i've tried, but the words just don't come the way i like sometimes.
so i put it off for another day, hoping that all this crazy inside of me will organize itself and come out of my fingers into something that might make some sense to someone, maybe me.

even in the mist of bustling about, packing, cleaning the house, making things for people before i leave on my trip, i've still felt this. thing, inside of me. this urge to be honest, tell it how it is, black and white. and not be afraid of whatever anyone else might think. to write something refreshing, even though its been said a thousand times before me.whatever it might be.
there's nothing new under the sun.

but that day isn't today, and thats ok with me.


i'm going ice skating this weekend, i haven't been since i was at least 11!
i'm so happy.


  1. In September I went ice skating for the first time in my life. I fell. A lot. But it was fun. I even saw someone get proposed to :)

  2. Every time you write a post like this, one of these where you're wishing you could put into words what you're feeling, I just sit back, relax, and wait for it.

    Because every time, you come up with some mind-blowing post just a short while after.

    Looking forward to it!

  3. Post away! I know that struggle of wanting to write but being unsure whether someone will really get it or not. chances are at least someone will. We all have similarities and we are all human and want to hear it :D But, no pressure too. Cause it's no fun feeling like you HAVE to write and then nothing will come.

    Anyway. I look forward to your writing too, like meg said :) And HAVE FUN ICE SKATING!!! I've never been!

  4. keep posting stuff like this<3 it reallly is great! and have fun ice skating. i went once, ( and fell a million times) but it still is an adventure!:D

  5. I totally heard Aragorn's voice when you said "but it is not this day", LOL!
    Aw, I know what you mean about wanting to get that stuff out...but not feeling able to. That is pretty much me all the time. I can't wait to read that post when it comes, though!
    I get to see you in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah!!!! Excited is not a big enough word. :D <3 <3 <3
    Love you, dear!

  6. This was well written, I love it. And thats okay that it's not today. In fact, it'd be okay if you never wrote it for us to see. Thats the great thing about writing. You can do it whenever You feel like it and share it or not share it with whomever You'd like whenever you feel it's the right time.

  7. I love this post!
    Partly because I would like to add something "thought provoking, something touching and encouraging" along with my pictures, but nothing comes when I have time to post, so I just put it off. But I have a 'spring break' of sorts next week, so it could happen!
    Yes, yes, a very good post.