Monday, February 11, 2013

truth is

listening to- It Had To Be You, by Isham Jones
this used to say "would", i changed it to will. just because its more relevant for me right now.

i'm crazy excited and motivated.
i'm listening to the bestest music ever {bobby darin, perry como- everything from that era}
i'm going to paint something really cool today, i'll show you guys when its done.
i made Rachel the freakin' coolest thingy ever this weekend. yes, she's very spoiled.
i'm happy its so sunshiney and pretty out, even if its a bit chilly still.
i had a session yesterday, you can check out a few of my favorite frames here..
i had a  lazy weekend, watched plenty of DW and ate amazingly yummy food, and did no school. so yes, it was very nice.
i like "truth is" lists.

you guys have an epic week, ya hear? 

someone {leaf dance photography, thats who} actually did wonder where the heck "noni" came from. it means "big eyes" in Spanish, and when i was really little i decided to start calling myself that {i talked to myself a lot when i was little, i guess i still do!}, and its always sorta stuck as a pet name. hardly anyone uses it, i go by another name that you couldn't pronounce by reading it, seriously. thats why i use noni on here. in fact, because i'm already rambling, i have 3 names. my birth name is Alejandra, few people use it, then there's the name you just have to hear to be able to say it right, and that is what everyone calls me, its the name i give when people ask {even then i have to repeat it at least twice so they get it, once they get it though, it sticks}, and then noni, which is my favorite of the three.
ok, done now. ;)


  1. Music from the Como era is INDEED the best. I love the Christmas songs from that era :)

  2. I'm glad you explained your name. I was actually wondering the other day if Noni was your real name. Either way, I love it.

  3. We showed a couple of my sisters a few DWs too. Who knew that my whole family would end up as Whovians? LOL

    Oooh. I was wondering about your name a little.... In Italian it means Grandma.... we call my dad's mom that. lol. So yeah. It makes a lot more sense now. :D

    1. hahahaha! thats hilarious. didn't know that :D
      and thats a GOOD thing that your whole family are ending up Whovians!! my family can't stand DW.:p

  4. Wait, what is the third unpronounceable name? Have I heard it? I like Alejandra a ton. In fact, that is what I call you when I'm talking about you to everyone. I LOVE it so much. I like names that are tricky to say... ;) You know, kind of like mine. {Thus my own pen name, lol!!!} <3 <3

  5. A couple of things; I looove that first picture. The words, how its phrased, GAH. A perfectly stupid wonderful picture it is. lol. And also, I like your truth is lists too because they make me happy and inspired too. Happiness is similar to sadness in that it can spread very easily. Thats why I think we should spread happiness as often as we can since we have the power to spread it and because too many people are sad too often. Lastly, that's awesome! Noni is perfect you then. Isn't Lilo's sister named Noni in lilo and stitch? I think i just now realized that. She's the only other person i think ive heard called that. But i love names with meaning, even if they aren't your brith names. :)

  6. I am so glad you are coming! I want to be around when you and your mom see Asa.... He is *so* big!!!

    We *HAVE* to go to the mall this weekend, or I will be so upset! And Platos Closet. :-D

  7. Bobby Darin is one of my alltime favorites. :D So awesome. <3
    I'm *so* spoiled. I know. :D :D 'cause you're the bestest bestie ever in the history of best friends. xD <3
    agh! those pictures of Ryder are just dolly. ^_^ <3
    I adore the change you made to that picture.

    {P.S. TOMORROW. }

    1. GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am always SO happy when I meet someone my age who loves that era of music too! It's seriously the BEST and I am so glad that you like it too!

    Haha I was curious about Noni too, but I kept expecting you to explain it eventually. Glad you did cause I would have asked too :D It's cute!

  9. Seriously, that's what Noni means?! That is way cool! =D Thanks for telling me, I really was going to get around to see if you had answered my Q. in that one post, but I had a busier weekend than I expected. I can relate to the name thing, got more than 10 nicknames,(mostly given to me by my sister, but a couple friends too, I must just be nicknamable) truth is, Jenny is a nickname too, cause I'm really Jennifer. ;)
    I'm rather crazy and excited too! It's also sunny but still coldish, I scanned some of my art, I like that picture, AND I like how you tell us what music you're listening too!
    Summarized it means: I like this post.