Wednesday, February 20, 2013

there are certain songs, that inspire me so much, certain songs that hit me with nostalgia so hard.
songs i practically grew up on, songs i'll always love and can always put a smile on my face.
there are just certain songs, that i'll never ever forget the words to. no matter how long its been since i last listened to it. 
i have quite a list of these songs.
but i'm going to narrow it down to 3. not my top three. just three that i absolutely love and that take me back in time. here they are! and for the fun of it, i found pretty pictures and put lyrics to them. :)

-1. What About Now- by Chris Daughtry. {pretty much every song from Daughtry's first album is pure gold, and that whole album just turns me into a mushy puddle of nostalgia, gah. so much}

2.- Miles to Go- by Alison Krauss. 

3.- This Heart Of Mine- by The Wailin' Jennys.

no clue who did this art work {i tried to find the source!} but its *amazing*.

this was really hard to narrow it down to just 3 songs, right now i could think of so many more artists, songs and albums that i adore and have adored for years. all the nickel creek albums, that one rob thomas album thats so epic {before he was a part of matchbox20}, josh grobans first album, jack johnson's second, the cold mountain soundtrack, imogen heap and jem, michael buble's first, switchfoot's 'beautiful letdown', sky sailing, steven curtis chapman's old stuff. the list is endless. but i better end it anyways.

so what about you, what song, album or artist have you been listening to for years that you still love? i'd love to know!



  1. josh groban and westlife and the prince caspian soundtrack brings back so many memories and definitely gives me that nostalgic feeling. the song what about now (the westlife version) always reminds me of airports. because i heard it for the first time in the guatemala airport on the way home. i went home and looked it up and fell in love with westlife. gah. the feels. i've been listening to westlife and josh groban on repeat down here in ES. xx

  2. miles to go is such a great song! rob thomas and michael (i love michael so much) always seem to make me happy and bring me back to crazy memories<3
    Julianna, :)

  3. Miles and Miles to go. <3 <3 <3 so great. I adore music. SO much.

  4. these are all lovely :) Katy Perry is definitely someone i've been listening to for a long time, and i'm not talking about just her pop/mainstream music. nice post! x

  5. The Chris Daughtry one! yes. That takes me back too. The other two you posted I haven't actually heard of! So, it's just kinda crazy reading the lyrics pictures. Cause it was so hard not to read the chris daughtry lyrics without putting the song to it. You know? But then the other ones, were just spoken words because I have no idea how those songs go. It's crazy how that is.

    Anyways, i think for me songs that take me back are the first albums of switchfoot, relient k, chris daughtry, carrie underwood, barlow girl, we the kings, owl city, david archuletta, he is we, nevershoutnever, the fray, and songs like she will be loved by maroon five, 2 am by anna nalick, almost lover by a fine frenzy and stuff like that. I guess there's a lot more I could add but this is already a lengthy comment so ill end here. :) I love this post though, it got me thinking about songs or cds I haven't listened to in awhile but i used to a lot!

  6. The power of music is a beautiful thing. I find that music can touch us unlike any other medium. It inspires, saddens, brings happiness, brings back memories, etc. It can do all of those. Sometimes the SAME SONG can do all of those!

  7. yes to most of those! Although Daughtry's first album brings back a mixed bag of emotions for me. One song will make me happy, the next song will send me into an emotional wreck, a completely hopeless wreck!

    Fleetwood Mac, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Stevie Ray Vaughan are examples of ones that bring me way back to super happy places. so many good memories, so many good thoughts. I also have really good vibes from Jack Johnson's newer album, "To the Sea." Oh and all of Buble's music makes me happeh :D

  8. Fuuny, I was just thinking about songs that take me back and remind me very strongly of places, colors and emotions! Mostly because my dad was humming one that I hadn't heard for a long time, but it instantly brought back memories of last spring,(which was early here in kansas) and looking through pictures I had just taken of the flowers. Red tulips, purple grape hycinths, pink bleeding hearts... the colors are quite eye-popping when you see them backlit!
    And that one song brings it all back.... =)
    My favorite songs? Well if you ever listen to K-love...then you know all my favorite songs!