Monday, February 25, 2013

today is a bummler of a day, total bosh. well, not totally. because you know what? i'm choosing to have joy, instead of being down.
i took lots of pictures this weekend, but i haven't gotten around to uploading them yet, and you know what? i'm fine with that, normally it'd be bugging the heck outta me, but not this time.
we had an ice storm, i went skating in the front yard, there were some killer icicles the next day.
happiness depends on happenings.
joy is different, its what the Lord offers, and we can all take it. its our choice. and believe me, it makes all the difference!
and now, a daily complement, for no one in particular, to complete this randomness.

^_^ yes, they would be so wrong.



  1. yay! Joy is the best, even when we are surrounded by icicles? haha.

    Thanks for the compliment, that WAS odd. I'm so flattered!

  2. "happiness depends on happenings.
    joy is different, its what the Lord offers, and we can all take it. "

    SO TRUE. You're so amazing! Keep your chin up, the sun will be shining soon and maybe you'll be able to have a dose of happiness a long with your cup of joy. Suggestions: Drink a cup of coffee and take a few breaths while doing so and imagine things. Like imagine being in your favorite place to visit. Or your favorite treehouse. Imagine the books you'd read there, and the adventures you would have. Or take a nice walk. Listen to music, or put the music down and clear your head a bit. Splatter paint. Go crazy with the paint brush. Let the colors shine for you. :) Or go out and buy a cheap, glass plate. Then take it to your sidewalk and smash it. And feel better.

    I dunno. I like to come up with suggestions whenever people are feeling blah. Sometimes, even if they can't follow them, it'll bring a few smiles to your face. I am so glad that you choose joy though in the midst of the blah days. :) God is good. Always!

    Also, i love daily odd compliments. They are the best kind of compliments in my opinion.

    1. ehehe, Soph, I don't need to do any of those things, cos this whole comment made my day. <3

  3. Awwww... deary, I love you so much! I'm so glad you are deciding to be happy. Life is better when lived in joy. Love you!! <3 <3 <3

  4. YES! You hit the nail right on the head again! (I hope you aren't tired of that expression...!)
    Happiness does depend on circumstances, but you can have Joy no matter where you are!
    And sadly, I too have pictures of snowy goodness that haven't been uploaded yet either, so let's just say I really appreciate this post. =)
    That's my kind of compliment, love it.
    You're such a good blogger! (There's a daily odd compliment for you)