Friday, February 22, 2013

photography + writing challenge: week 3 {plus a little extra}

 week 3 challenge: a photo of a favorite thing // write about its importance.

my synonym and antonym book has always been one of my favorite things. not only is it pretty old, and smells yummy, but its always been an incredibly helpful book. i think i found it at a yard sale for 50cents the summer i stayed with my cousins for a whole week when i was 12. my aunt took us all over Springfield hunting down yard/garage sales, those were good times. when i bought this book, i was only interested in it because of the copyright date, after a few years of sitting lonely and unused on my shelf, i picked it up and thumbed through it. i found some sort of old ticket stub in it, then i noticed what the book actually was! i was ecstatic. i couldn't believe that i hadn't noticed the title before.
now its one of those books that i'll pick up just to read for fun, or if i actually need help in finding a word. plus it has several different sections in the back of the book that are super interesting as well. so yup. thats one of my favorite things! sorry if this totally bored you, ha. said the liar.

and now for the 'little extra' that i wanted to add.
Bleah, at Lovely wrote this inspiring post. i've decided to join in with her on it. you should click on it and go read. maybe you'd like to join too?

2013, the anti-resolution list.

- gossip. i mean the ugly, i would die of shame if certain people heard me, type of gossip. i don't mean the confidential things you need to talk about with your mom or bf. but the unnecessary criticism. don't get me wrong, i don't buy the whole "don't judge me thing", but when its done with bitterness and harshness, its time to reel it in and inspect your heart. and i've been doing quite a bit of inspecting lately, and you know what i've found? a harsh girl who talks to much about people for no good reason. 

- betray other's trust. i want to be someone who is known for being trustworthy. the thing about trust is that its so hard to build, and so easy to break down.

- not think before i speak. of course, everyone knows that gets them in trouble.  i don't want to be hasty, i don't want to dig myself holes and then just keep digging because my pride keeps me from admiting i was stupid or wrong. 

- not brush, floss and wear my retainer. seriously. i want to keep my teeth, and i want them to stay straight. i don't want dentures when i'm old. i like my purly whites. and i like them straight.

- give up my morning Jesus time. so far its worked and i love it. and its the only thing that has stuck. doing it at night was never reliable for me. i like morning Jesus time, i never again want to sleep in and miss it again.

basically. i'm hoping that by writing this out, it will help me to remember my never agains, it will encourage me to be kinder, more trust worthy, careful about what i say, and all that other great jazz. and thats all i've got for today, folks! we're iced in here where i live, this will be the second day of having all the guys home at once, its weird, but nice! i hope you guys have a fantastic weekend, i don't plan on blogging again till monday, so. yup.



  1. Wow. I. Want. That. Book. Like, seriously!!!! That is the best book EVER!!!!!!!!!
    Double wow. This post is amazing. That list...that is incredible. I love how it is an anti-resolution. :D I'm soooo glad you are enjoying your morning time with Jesus!!!! And I think you are very trustworthy. I hope I've shown that. :) But I am inspired. I might do this...
    <3 <3 I love you. <3 <3

  2. It has such a cool cover! Americanisms and Briticisms. *Grin*

  3. that book is so cool! love it. and i loved Bleah's post too. xx

  4. Hello Noni,

    I just wanted to tell you that I really, really, really appreciate all the lovely comments you've left (and will leave) on my blog. People like you are the ones that keep me inspired to write and photograph and post. I really can't thank you enough for all the sweet words you've left on my blog, capture life.

    I'm really enjoying looking through your blog - your photographs are stunning and your writing is heartfelt and beautiful. :)

    Have a lovely day!

    Acacia | capture life

    1. Hiya! well I just really like your blog! ;)
      Thanks for the comment!

  5. "Americanisms, Briticisms." ehehee. ^_^ That made my day.
    <3 <3 I adore that list.

  6. Ohmygosh. That book is so cute and vintage looking! I love it. And I love your list.