Friday, March 22, 2013

so that was the lamest blog break ever, huh?
well good news, the internet is back to its lovely self, which means i was able to catch up on all my blogs and put off blogging for at least a day! 

right now this key board is kinda sticky..not the gross kind, like the smudgy kind. cos i was playing with a big chunk of clay {*trying* to get it to look like ben c.} earlier while chatting with rachel earlier. good times.

right now i'm watching the office with brother, dwight is such a freak.

so my week was pretty great, i don't know why exactly cos i'm drawing a blank, but it just was.

and now for a rant...

sometimes my feels are conflicted about fandoms.
i've always been super in to stuff. that stuff may have been faeries when i was 8, or all things sailor-pirate-peter pan when i was 11, or journaling and book collecting when i was 12 or christian bale when i was 13. actually that started earlier than that..ehe.
you name it, i like to really be into stuff.
but you know what i don't like? when people, meaning people who don't do fandoms, make me feel inferior and ridiculous for really liking stuff. for fangirling, for jumping up and down and squealing when i realize richard armitage is in a Miss Marple show and for all those things that people like me do.
which is basically just getting unnecessarily  necessarily excited about things we like.
when they're all "ugh, i just don't get it."
i just wanna look at them and say, "i'm sorry, i'm so, so sorry."

i recently had someone give me a super un-approving look when i explained my "i *heart heart* the Doctor" pin. psshh. poor soul.

but you know why i feel conflicted? because i understand perfectly, those people who don't fan over stuff the way fangirl/guys do. i guess its because i have enough self control to not live my life in cosplay. i see their point, and although it seems a rather boring life to live, the whole "not getting it". i still see why they might think we're utterly ridiculous. the reasons behind their inability to fan is pretty obvious to me.

geeking out is silly. but silly is good.

i've always had an irrational fear of being different, call it an insecurity.
being different has pros and cons.
i like it.
i hate it.
i don't want people thinking i'm normal.
i do want people thinking i'm normal.
do you get me?

some of this stems from having been home educated my whole life, being a shy person, and having dealt with people assuming i'm some sort of freak because i've missed out on the normal social crap that other kids deal with. 
some of it stems from the fact that i am different from what society things i should be.
i don't care about society anymore though. :D

so, to sum it up. i am, and have always been, someone who reallyreally likes to get majorly excited and in to stuff. but i do not, in any way, dislike people who don't. and i'm not really sure why i wrote all of this, but i just felt like it. and i also had all these fantastic pictures to show and they go alone perfectly with this sermon, which i hope y'all enjoyed. :)
i'm going to go read some more sherlock holmes.

stay excited.
stay silly.
stay beautiful.



  1. *squeal*
    This is possibly my favorite post ever.
    :D Geeky fangirly, you. You're the bomb.
    and I freaking miss you!
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Wow. I really loved this post, Noni, dear. lol. That whole nerd rant? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. People who don't "get it" are very sad people. Can you imagine not being able to fangirl with joy?

    Hahaha, I was obsessed with fairies too, when I was about 8-11. (Like *obsessed* I wanted to be a fairy hunter when I grew up.) And Christian Bale! YES. He was actually the first person I ever fell head over heals for. You want to talk serious crush? It lasted like four years.

    D'awww, the Doctor comparison pictures.... Eleven is such a goof. :D

  3. Yay! I'd missed your posts. :)
    I did enjoy your little sermon, I can totally relate to wanting to be different and having internal conflict over getting weird looks from people who just don't understand why I get excited over nothing or don't care for the usual things 12 graders are supposed to care about. Good post! :) I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks like that.


  4. I totally get what your saying!!! :) I started fangirling before I knew it was called fangirling. lol! But seriously, I do think its funny because I think either a. people are like *too old and mature* to fangirl, in their minds. or b. they're SO competitive about fan girling. They have to be the biggest fan, their fandom has to be the best one, etc. Which its fun to play around sometimes and joke but in all seriousness, a fandom is for your enjoyment. If you like the show/movie, band, etc., its okay to get excited about em, post pictures about em, buy merchandize of em. Its FUN. Its how it should be. :) Its not immature, and people shouldn't buy or obsess just to show others that their the biggest fangirl. You get what im saying? It should be for your personal enjoyment...

    I have a q; I started watching Doctor Who yesterday. And I started with the first episode... and even though I wanted to, I really didn't like it too much. But I don't know if its just because it was the start of the season? Because some shows get better as the seasons go on and progress. I just wanted to hear your opinion, because if you agree that the first one wasn't the best and that it gets better, ill stick with it and watch it some more (because I have heard really good things about it and do want to like it) its just the first one seemed a bit too cheesy, with the plastic people and them trying to eat Rose's bf and etc...

    1. Yes! Totally get and agree with you, it takes out fun easy-going fun when people get to competitive. :)))

      Haha! Glad you're asking! For realz, the first like..2 seasons, are super corny. The effects are awful, as are the plastic bad guys, cybermen, and daleks, and you can tell the sets aren't high budget *at all*. But a lot of that is because its from the early 2000's, and everything then seemed to be a throwback from the 90's. :p Also, don't feel bad if you don't particularly like the 9th Doctor, but I am positive you'll love 10!
      Its rather painful to watch at first, the story plots get A TON better as the shows go on though..
      If you stick with it, I guarantee you will fall in love with the Doctor {well, once he regenerates into the 10th, heehee} and the show itself.
      Do you like sci-fi? Because if its not your fave genre of stuff, then it'll deff. take a bit getting used to DW. I used to HATE sci-fi, but i've developed a strong affection towards it.
      Never ever thought it'd happen..
      Sorta funny that you should ask, because today I have a persuasion speech to give, and its going to be why Doctor Who is such a good show :D
      ^_^ <3

  5. Yes. haha I get you, totally.

    I've always really liked Lord of the Rings. And I was always pretty vocal about it and made connections to it several times a day. People find it odd, but after I while I realized that I was pushing away people who didn't get it and sort of sending out a call for people who did. And once those people who got it found me it was the best thing and I was glad I didn't water myself down because I never would have found these people if I did. You know?

    Anyway. Keep up the nerdiness. For the sake of nerds everywhere.