Monday, March 25, 2013

boredboredbored! only because i havta leave in a half hour for speech, and thats not enough time to really do anything..
so. bored.

i haven't been taking pictures lately.
i know, its sad.
but, here are a few from the past 2 or 3 weeks that i did get!

my calendars from the past 3 years. i still need one for this year, i'm thinking a ship or DW one..

i did this for a speech i'm giving..tonight actually. its a persuasive speech. i hope to convert someone to the whovian society.

annd, i made this one night..

these are my favoritest necklaces i own. :)

my beauties!

and you know what else i haven't done lately?  i've taken *no* self portraits this year.
so here's me from sometime last week when i realized how long it had been.

and here's my first ever try at black out poetry!

life has been very lifey lately, last week was good, someone brought me a rock {err, artifact!} from Israel, we bought The Hobbit, still need to watch it. i worked out every single night, monday math class was canceled, and. well, other nice things happened, but i won't bore you with the details.

my weekend was just normal weekend stuff.
yesterday, particularly the evening times, was fantastic though.
wanna know what happened?
well, its not really *that* cool, unless you like 2 particular British boys.
my mum was watching netflix while i was in the kitchen working on a mini sculpture, and randomly, Benedict Cumberbatch showed up in one of her Miss Marple shows! so mum calls me in, and of course, that  meant squealing and gushing from me throughout the rest of the show.
it was good.
then, next up was some random british detective show, and guess what? none other than Tom Hiddleston made several appearances in it! gah.
you can imagine what state i was in.

so yep, that was the hype of my weekend.

i apologize for the randomness of this post. i wasn't planning to blog today, and. well, this always happens when i don't plan out a post.
but i hope you enjoyed it anyway!



  1. love all the pictures:)
    and oh goodness, I just started to watch Doctor Who. The ones I have seen so far are the older ones (from like 2005) haha. I think it's pretty cool so far...I see myself getting sucked in to a new tv show;) haha!

    1. Yaay!! I'm glad you see yourself loving it. The first 2 series are rather cheezy, but they get soooo good! ^_^

  2. :-) I like random posts! And I love that you are doing a DW speech! You should post it on here! I would love to read it! No jokes! :-)

    1. Lol, well..i didn't actually write up a speech. just an outline to hand it. So that is pretty boring. :))

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Rachel got it for meh. :D

  4. You look rather like Toni in that picture. :D I think it's your expression. You're a freaking doll. ^_^ <3
    Man. Hiddles *and* Benny in the same evening?? I don't think I'd be alive!! ^_^
    I love the necklace picture. :D
    I *missss* you.

    1. Really? Thats weird. But thanks! ^_^
      I miss you like crazy.

  5. Ookay. I looooove your artwork! Seriously. (I know i said it before, im saying it again for emphasis. :)

    And your black and white poetry turned out EPIC. and that johnny cash calendar... <3 is awesome. i love johnny cash. And i love the camera necklace YOU made! Thats quite talented. Its simple and pretty and perfect. And i also love the i walk the line necklace too cause i love johnny. ahhah. <3