Friday, March 1, 2013

i have a few things to say..

1- earlier i decided to look up the mountain that we live by {called mount devon} on google maps, and there was a big ole' satellite picture. i zoomed in and found my house, then i zoomed further and noticed, there was someone in the pool and on the swing set! *creepy*.

2- i've lost 2 followers in a month. i'm not sad, but i am curious. ;)

3- i've been listening to loads of french music, folky french, oldie french, its all been pretty amazing.

4- this has officially been more than a few.

5- i finally have more than half my speech written up for Moday. yaaaayyyy!!!!

6- i've been cutting up lyrics and making them look more fun. i don't know what i'd to without glue sticks.

7- maybe i should just named this post, "10 things"? :p

8- i have 12 more weeks left of this college semester and 10 more weeks of high school to finish. that isn't 22 weeks of school..cos, i'm doing part time college while finishing my last year of high school. at the same time....err. yeah..

9-  bosh! to heck with 10 things, this post stinks. ahh well, i'll hopefully be back Monday with something more interesting, maybe. probably not. i can still hope, can't i? ;)



  1. You lost followers? Why would that even happen? I can't comprehend it!

    And I love your random art projects.

  2. dude i love the lyrical art thing. i'm gonna try that out sometime. and the satellite has just recently retook our backyard pictures. up until last summer they were still from when the former people lived there. but now you can see my brothers playing soccer in the backyard haha. xx

  3. haha the first one made me laugh! haha
    and yes I am always really curious when I lose followers...i'm just like "fine then!". hahah;)
    I loveee old french music!
    the lyric art is pretty rad/awesome!

  4. LOL!!!! I love this post! And that song is like my FAVORITE!!!!! I love the scene of Leap Year where they play it. *so cute* I love it that you said "10 things" than did nine. :-D <3

    Love you! :-D

  5. Ohhh.....that song. <3 One of the best ever. <3
    Lost followers, huh? Their loss, retards. ;)
    Dude! That is creepy! lol
    This post is so cute. <3 ^_^

  6. I loOoOOOooove that Mammas & Pappas song!!!!!!
    Ok, random burst of excitement is passed :D Haha.
    Personally, I much prefer 9 over 10. for realz.

  7. are you in the pool or on the swing? ;) {Or are you your own twin?}
    I did too! Only one, mind, but on both blogs. ;( Poor people don't know what they are missing. ~_*
    This post is adorable. ;)
    And that pic of what you made... SO AWESOME! Love it. <3 <3

  8. I lose followers all the time LOL. Someone actually emailed me once and said "I am unfollowing your blog because noone talks like that". True story :)

  9. Nah, this post didn't stink. I liked it a lot. :)

    Google maps can be a bit.... unnerving. I like it though. We we revisited Scotland with it!!! Haha

    Ugh, I lost a few followers over the last few months too. Not fun at all.

    AND I LOVE how you did the lyrics. That's awesome. :D

  10. Ahah a couple of things.

    1. I've ahd that happened to me too! But its weird because I lost two, and then I magically gained two as well. But i know they arent the same ones that I had lost because it showed up with new bloggers. So I don't understand how it happened, why i lost the two or how the two new bloggers found me, but hey! Its life. :)

    2. French music...folk music... THAT IS AWESOME. lol. I lvoe those genres. I don't lsiten to it often, but i still love em.

    3. I LOVE YOUR LYRIC ART. What song is it from? I love this lyrics.

    1. haha, French music is epic. and yeah, losing followers is a bummer, but i don't really care. :)
      thanks!! those are the lyrics to Dream A Little Dream of Me, looottts of people do that song, idk who originally wrote it though. Dean Martin does a *fantastic* version, oh! And Louis Armstrong, love his too. :D