Thursday, March 7, 2013

lets skip to the good part

listening to Hello Hurricane {entire album} by Switchfoot

lifey things. lets talk about that.
i'm tired of winter now, for realz. i'm ready for warm summer mornings where i can wake up and immediately go outside barefoot {still in my pj's} with some coffee and good reads.
i'm ready for the trees to be dressed again and the peepers to be peeping. i'm ready for late night swims and open windows. yes, i'm ready for those days.

meanwhile, we wait. the days are mostly cold, maybe a 50degree day here and there, mr. sunny graced us today with a long and much needed appearance and i'm seeing hints of spring in little hidden nooks. 
life is peaceful amidst the tiny bits of chaos thrown my way. i like it. 
lately my dwellings have been a mixture of piles and stacks of stuff. crafty/papery stuff, blankety stuff, albumey stuff. just stuff. its not always nice piles and stacks. sometimes its just down right ugly and i can't stand it so i make the bed and maybe straighten a stack or two of books.
but for the most part, its nice.
i took some pictures of my piles and stacks, mainly because i was bored and i like piles and stacks. 

 yes, that is a brass pineapple, i have my awesome friend lydia to thank for that!

trust me, there are many more piles of books than shown above. every surface has books stacked and i have books packed away under the bed, under the vanity, under everywhere. 
i like my books. i recently purchased a 1922 book by sinclare lewis called Babbit, and once i finish Right Ho, Jeeves {by p.g. wodenhouse, *hilarious* read} i plan to start that..oh wait, arg. i have to finish Two Towers first. oh well, at least thats a good'n. after Babbit i'm going to give A Tale of Two Cities another try. sometimes i just don't have the patience for dickens and i'm not ashamed of that. lots of people think they're pretty uppity uppity for reading dickens. ppsh. that dude was a mad genius, yes, sometimes his books are quite the pills though. i do want to add though, if you've never read him and you want to, i'd suggest starting with Great Expectations, once i finally got into that one, i adored every bit of it! 

i have a little confession. something you should know about me. something i'm not very proud of, but i want you to know because it seems like the right thing to tell you guys.
and its this.
sometimes when i say i'll do something, write something, post something, send something. whatever it is. when i say i'll do something, i don't always end up doing it.
its sorta like rule number one with the Doctor. he lies. 
but i don't fancy lies. my intentions are where they should be, i really do want to do what i say. but i don't always end up pulling through. and i know that this is a mistake we all make, i know that. but i just sorta hate it. don't you? 
when i say i'll draw that picture, i reallyreally do want to do it and 3 years later it still hasn't happened?
arg. feels just aren't happy. 
so from now on, might is going to be added to my vocabulary. 
i might be able to come.
i might be able to draw that.
i might write that post.
i might. i will try.

ok, confession done. :p

genius i tell ya, genius.


oh, and p.s.
adam young is beautiful.
true story. 


  1. I miss Summer too.....
    And I love piles and stacks. ^_^

  2. i know imma be wishing for summer as soon as i get home, but luckily for me, the next week i'm roadtripping to texas then by the time i get back home hopefully it'll be green and alive looking. i love your posts like this. that is one thing i hope to get into more when i get home. writing. gah. i'm writing here, but the internet is so slow so i hate posting. plus have you seen my blog recently? i was trying to rearrange something and boom. i made everything go screwy. so first i fix it then maybe i'll begin posting something with substance. xx

  3. I'm also ready for the trees to be dressed. And I miss peepers. I don't think I'll get any this year, since we're living in town :(

    Heehee, the pineapple is looking quite nifty. And P.G. Wodehouse . . . oh my goodness. Just his WORDS are hilarious. The way he chooses them and arranges them! My dad has always loved his books, and I have a feeling that they'll grow to be some of my old favorites too.

  4. Ooh a few things! One, now you got me aching for some summer weather. :) Two, I love the pciture of all the old books. I don't know why, but it sends a wave of nostalgia through me. Alsom, I think tis funny because i tried reading a tale of two cities as well because i see really great quotes by charles dickens(such as the one you posted) and he is a genius and an amazing writer, but I too somehow couldn't get into his book although many people say its really good. Maybe I should give it another shot too some day. How are you liking the Lord of the Rings trilogy though? :)

    Also, I LOVE your art projects! I;m very envious of your skills because those things that you post, are the exact things that I'd looove to have hanging all over my room. But the problem is that I'm not that creative. And i wouldn't be able to do that sort of stuff. So kudos to you! :) because i really love it.

    Lastly, Adam young is amazing and he's coming to USF Tampa in April and I might get a chance to go see him perform and I'm PYSCHED. :)

  5. I've only ever read "Hard Times" by Dickens. It was really difficult haha I won't lie, but I loved it. Especially afterward when I did research on it, and the internet pointed out for me cool symbolism and things I didn't notice while reading it because my brain was...a little bit fried at some points.

    I'll have to give "Great Expectations" a try soon! When I gather the strength to dive into some Dickens. I think I'll wait til summer. I think that would be best. Oh, and ps, how did you meet that best friend of yours?

    1. I really want to read Hard Times, maybe I'll do that one instead of A Tale of Two Cities, I've attempted it twice now and it just hasn't clicked. :/

      Hehe, you mean Rachel? She's my brother-in-laws sister, so I met her through him when I was 13:D Plus I'd known who her family was for years because they were good friends with my fact, me and Rachel met when we were really little, lik 4 or 5, crazy! :D

  6. Oh I'm thinking about warmer times too... but partly also 'cause it's 58 outside!
    And I totally relate to the idea of "warm summer mornings where i can wake up and immediately go outside barefoot" definitely one thing I miss. =)
    Dickens? The black and white movie of "Tale of two Cities" is really good, but I never got around to reading the book. Jeeves however...=D he's awesome! Woodhouse probably had too much fun writing those books...


  7. I love this! I keep stacks of books around too. I miss them since they've all been packed up, but I love yours! And the pineapple is awesome, haha.