Friday, March 8, 2013

i stayed up till midnight last night to be the first to say "herpy berthday!!" to my friend Rachel and to txt away with her into the morning. it was awesome.
i'm pretty sure you've all heard us both gush about "us". we're beasties {thats our version of bestie} and i'm positive we're a match made in heaven.
the differences between us are hilarious and a stranger may be apt to ask, why are they friends?!
well. the list is mighty long and random. 

us at 16
she's the first friend i ever said "i love you" to in person.
the one who supports, understands and inspires me.
the hysterically cute friend. thats her. and so much more.

us a few days after my 18th!
although we may have only seen each other a total of 30 times in our 5 years of friend ship, i'm pretty sure there's no one else {sides my mum} who knows me better than her.
i remember the days when we used to write 20pg letters to each other. those were good times.

this is one of my favorites, first one of us and Asa and R. just looks dolly, i look plain old tired. hehe.

i could go on some more, but i don't wanna sicken y'all. ;)
so happy 18th my lovely! i can't wait for us to grow old together and i thank God for you all the time.



  1. :') Gawwwsh. This post made my whole year!! ^_^ <3 I love you, beastie!!

  2. I love friendships like this. It reminds me of my best friend and me. Nothing quite compares to this feeling, does it?
    Kristin @ Serendipity

  3. Hippy Happy Birthday, Rachel! :D

    You girls are so pretty, noni. :)

  4. Beastie v bestie, that's awesome! =D
    You both have such pretty brown eyes... ♥


  5. Aww you guys are adorable. Best friends like this are *the* best.

  6. Adorable! I LOVE that pic of you two and Asa. You do NOT look plain old tired. You look like a doll. I love you both. I'm so glad I am friends with BOTH of you. :D