Saturday, March 9, 2013

photography+writing challenge- week 5

listening to- This Heart Of Life by John Mayer

this challenge- take a photo{s} of something small and write about what makes it big.

for this weeks challenge, i chose something pretty simple. and rather hard to photograph.
pens just aren't very photogenic, y'all.
putting that aside, i'm sure we all know the reasons about what makes a pen big. you know, cos it makes things. pens are weapons of mass creation.
this kind of pen in particular is my buddie. i used to buy the 3$ pens at office max, and even tho those are great. there's something about the feel of this cheap pen that i love. i've written to many pages of my journal with that pen, and i've drawn a few pretty doodles as well. i can't stand to write with a pencil, makes my skin crawl. i've always loved pens best. for almost everything and i almost always have one on me. they're just a huge part of my life and completely essential to what i do.

so there you have it. what makes a small thing big.

i hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!


photography/writing challenge created by jianine. 


  1. I love pens too! I was so upset the other day cause my favorite one ran out of ink :(

  2. I love this. And its so true too. Pens... they really do big things. They change the world. They create things. They make drawings and writings, and compose people's thoughts and hold people's feelings and lyrics and poems and encourage and impact. pens are a big deal. XD

  3. Weapons of mass creation. haha agreed! did you come up with that, cause I love it. I like that kind of pen too, they're so easy to write with and i love the smell of the ink after I just wrote down a lot really fast.

    Here's to pens.

    1. hehe, no, sadly i didn't.
      and yes, the smell of ink ranks up there with the smell of old books! ^_^