Saturday, March 16, 2013

week 6- a photo{s} of something red//write about love

 there's a dark side to love, and there's a light side. there's a side that feels soso good, and a side that hurts soso much. but both sides are love, both are good. both unconditional.
so what does love look like?

this is what love looks like.

as my pastor says "no one raise your hands, but be honest with yourself, is this you?".
well you know what, *raises hand*, this isn't me. i mean, sometimes. but i fail and fall short of this all the time.
but its ok, cos Jesus loves me.
and i know there's always going to be more chances to love right.

thats all i've got, i've been thinking about this post all week and now that i'm finally getting around to doing it, i don't seem to have a lot to write about. and i really honestly thought i'd have a whole lot to say. but i guess i keeping such a big subject simple is a good thing. :)



  1. <3 this. Love is simple in essence, so a simple post works :)

  2. ♥♥♥!
    Ya', know, sometimes, fewer words really is better, because the words that are there speak that much more.
    The pictures are lovley as usual; the first...oh, the blossoms are on the tree but they haven't opened yet. =( (that exact kind of tree too!) and the second, did you edit it for the pink-ish glow? Or was it leftover glow from the sunrise spilling over? It's lovely either way. ♥
    Third, I know that passage well, my mom had us memorize it when we were younger.

    xx `Jenny

    1. :D I edited it to have a pinkish glow, and thankie!

  3. <3 <3 That first part... about both part... amazing.

  4. The second, third and fourth picture<3 MY FABORITES. (sorta ironic since there's only 4 pictures... haha) but really. i can't decide between those three. No offense to the 1st it was great too! its just ahhh. I love those. I love this. I love Love.