Monday, April 1, 2013

can you believe its already april?!?
the spring flowers are all starting to bloom and the peepers and frogs are making their wonderful summer noises at night, its beautiful.
only 2 months left of school {hopefully less!} and then its freedom! *eeeep*
life is just pretty swell. :)


prospects on that summer trip are looking quite positive, i just keep telling myself, be patient.


  1. I know! I cannot believe april is already here! it feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year!:P

  2. Pretty Crazy. ^_^ <3
    I'm *so* excited for you!! I'm really prayin' this trip works out for you! <3 <3

  3. Yipeeeeee! =D
    Your enthusiasim is quite contagious, the verrrry best kind. ;)
    Crazily, Kelsie and Rinskii both wrote what else I was thinking!

    Life is pretty swell. Loveit!


  4. YAY! :) April is one of my favorite months. Its so pretty. I love April flowers. And plus my birthday is in April. And plus, plus, my sister's birthday is also in April! And school is pretty much done for me the last week of April. So its kinda like the end and start of a new season for me. And its so hopeful and pretty. Yeah, I love April.