Tuesday, April 2, 2013

bits and pieces

listening to- 'till kingdom come- by coldplay


delicious food- shrimp cocktail and hot tamales straight from Texas
my parents are grand parent's now..
amos the sheep bored the babby man.
uncle ezra and babby.
march clouds.
my favorite daffodils bloomed.
uncle eli's so cute with babby man.
i like the babby man. aka- pickle.
babby, his name is asa {aye-sa}.



  1. Yum, that looks amazing. And Asa is the cutest. Obvioooously ;)

  2. Do'h that looks good.

    And that baby. GERSH he's a cutie. Those blue, blue eyes! Whaaat. :D

  3. nomnom! *starving*
    awh those pictures. :D The one of you and Asa is mah fave. You two are some of my favorite people. ^_^
    I like your salt and pepper shaker.
    ;) <3

  4. Oh goodness...that mexican food looks AHMAZING.

    Also, i love the cloud picture and the flower picture; such pretty colors!! Thanks for another beautiful post. :)

    (Also, i totally forgot, since i had taken a break over the weekend, of the question post you tagged me in! I'll try to get around to that very soon!!)