Friday, April 5, 2013

not goodbye

 i've been thinking about this all week, and i've finally decided its time.

its time for a break.
i'm not sure how long it'll last, but it'll be longer than last time, thats for sure.

its not that my life has taken a sudden turn and i don't have time for blogging anymore. no, not exactly that. i am trying to finish high school a few weeks earlier, but my schedule isn't really hectic.
my life will continue to be a good mixture of peacefulness and productiveness that it normally is and i may post every now and then to update y'all on it.

so here's my not goodbye.



  1. Oh, that video!! I simply adore that scene. hehe. "But, preeettty fast." hehe. <3 <3
    You'll be missed. not by me, of course, I'm not even really here. I just popped in to see that video. lol. :D <3
    love you!

  2. Yeah...I know how you feel; I'm not crazy busy- but I just don't have time to really blog anymore! And when I do, I'm only able to quickly glance through everyone else's, and not really able do justice to their posts. =/ (Like yours!)
    but have a good break! =)


  3. :( I hear you. It happens to us all. <3 I shall miss your posting though! But I know it won't be long before I see em again. Much love!

  4. Ah, no! Just when I came back for a visit you are gone :( I wish you the best! These breaks are necessary and good :) Hope you are well!

    1. Awe, yeah, I really need this break..I'm not blogging here, but I am still keeping up with some other blogs. :)
      I'm doing seriously fantastic, actually!! I hope alls well for you too! :D <3

  5. Breaks are what we need sometimes. Just Breathe in Life for awhile. I'm not here enough to qualify as ...whatever.. but Im gonna miss your blog. :) All the best.

  6. ah will miss you on your blogging break! :( I guess I didn't see this post in my dashboard and I was wondering where your posts went! hope your time of break is refreshing! breaks are soo nice:)