Thursday, April 4, 2013

"i mean the thought, of demobilizing a zombie with nothing but newtons laws of motion- AHAHA! i'm all excited about that! i. am excite! i mean, look. quite excite. a little bit to dang excite about doing that. i mean, i was so dang excite that i forgot the finer points of grammar!....ed...excitED!"
~Olan Rogers



  1. OHMYGOSH. i looove the pictures<3 haha so cute!

  2. That picture!!!!! Is SO ME!!! :D And that quote is true too. lol.

  3. OLAN ROGERS QUOTE!!!!!!!!!! I died from happiness abit inside and laughed merrily due to the fact that That is one of my favorite things he has ever said, and I'm glad to read your blog again:)