Thursday, May 2, 2013

i'm so in love with all these photos, i couldn't wait to share them with you. blogger refuses to work on the main computer, so i decided to borrow my bro's mac to get these up.
like i said in my last post, spring this year has just been splendid! all these photos were taken about a week ago. since then all the trees have become fully clothed in gorgeous green and i can finally hear the wind through their leaves again. pretty much everything is greener, lusher and gorgeouser.

this would be Heilda the morning she was born. she is 3rd of this years baby ewes that have been born. our first was a set of twins.. its our first year raising sheepies, they're so cute! i love waking up in the mornings, opening up my window and hearing their adorable "baaa"'s and looking out at our flock of sheep. we have 12 in all. if you haven't ever heard a baby lamb "baa" or seen them jump around, you're missing out! so much cuteness!

yeah, i know, i'm really, super duper blessed to be surrounded by so much pretty. i really can't and won't ever get over it. but you have eyes of your own, i don't need to go on about it. ;)

oh, before i forget, i think in my last post i said something about going to Alaska for 3 weeks? haha. yeah, thats happening, but i didn't clarify that the tour itself is 11 weeks, so i'll be pretty absent this summer. i'm not sure how much internet we'll be able to get in Canada, so i'll just have to wait and see.

also, check out james blake. i recently fell for this guy's music. its.... different. eery, beautiful. lots of layers, eccentric. luscious. quite european. for some reason it makes me think of benedict cumber batch.. yeah, its really strangely gorgeous like that. i'd suggest you start on this song then go to this one. i like his album 'overgrown' best.

that is all.



  1. love these pictures. what do you use to edit them? and yes I am jealous of your beautiful spring.

  2. thanks! i just use ipiccy and use the curves...i've discovered magic with curves. :)

  3. Aw.... so much pretty. Yes, you are blessed. The first picture is fantastic. I love the way it looks. :D I would love to live where you do. Did you see the photo challenge I am hosting over at my blog? You should totally join, m'dear.
    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Eeeeek! Love you! :D

  4. You definitely are blessed.. and also, that horse.. what a beauty! x

  5. Beautiful. Gah. That's all I can say. ha
    If he reminds you of Benedict Cumberbatch, then I'm giving him a listen!;)

  6. Oh MY. I can't even imagine living where you do!

  7. Wow, I want to live there. I want sheep. I want to hear them "Baa". Seriously!!

  8. Ohmygoodness. First, the dandelions, and your horse. <3 So beautiful. I love those, they're my favorites. And I still cant get over the fact that you have a horse. Ahhh. It's like my dream. Or one of them. haha. Secondly,

    "yeah, i know, i'm really, super duper blessed to be surrounded by so much pretty. i really can't and won't ever get over it. "

    This. I'll tell you why I love this so much. Because of you saying; "I really can't and won't ever get over it." Because yes, you do live in a beautiful place. And people looking at your photos(like me) will definitely be thinki8ng wow that is beautiful, I wish I could live there, I'd be thankful and happy every single day. But we all know that isn't the case with many people. People get used to and bored with beauty. Even if they are surrounded in it. So I'm glad that you are still in love with it and won't get over it, and I hope more people are like that too. :) Because complacency isn't a wonderful trait.

  9. Holy cow you are a gifted photographer, Noni! These are amazing and I am missing my country home even more now.

  10. lovely pictures. so pretty.
    and i love the way you describe it.

  11. maaaann....Those are SO gorgeous! <3 You're so crazy talented.
    12 sheep?? I didn't realize you guys had so many! lol. :D
    James Blake. that is all.