Sunday, May 5, 2013

more words

listening to- the sound of the clock ticking, the tap dripping, mum doing something in the back and the refrigerator running. 

have i ever mentioned that i adore foreign films? i like french ones best, although i've only seen two so far. one was called 'a queen to play' the other was 'the hedgehog', i highly recommend them both. some might say they're boring, but i found them beautiful. not only beautiful to watch, but listening was a treat. obviously english subtitles are a given, ha. i just love the french language.

earlier i was reading through some of my old blog posts from two years ago..i felt like i was reading about another person's life. i don't know, it was just really weird. i liked the way i wrote, i feel like my writing is different now and i'm not sure if its better. sure, my spelling and grammar have improved, my tack and grace as well. but i feel like i was more myself then. 

i like baby carrots. a lot. sometimes i get weird cravings for baby carrots dipped in ranch. and i normally hate ranch. but yuuumm. baby carrots in ranch. yep. ha, one of my dear friends *loves* baby carrots. i can't help eating these without thinking about her and missing her. all my friends are moving away, i wonder if this means i'll move away too someday? i certainly hope so, but i'm not in a rush. i like life here and right now.

i leave in 21 days. i'm hoping to go to Springfield for a week before i leave for the tour. its handy that my cousins who i'm going on tour with only live an hour from Springfield. 
my best friend graduates soon and her grad party is the  day before i leave, i'm so glad that i'll be able to make it, she said she wouldn't go if i wasn't there! and that would just be awkward for everybody. 

dudes. i'm seriously eating this entire bag of baby carrots.

i thought maybe i'd get on today and have something decent to say instead of just rambling away about nonsense, but you know, i'm pretty fond of nonsense. 
but still, i've been doing so much thinking lately i feel like i should have something nice to say. i know that me thinking a lot is not knew, but on top of that i've been doing a pretty significant amount of reading as well. reading the sort of books that make me think about things i've never really considered before. i've also been reading a giant book on vincent van gogh. yeah, that man. i like him.
anyways. i read a book called 'a severe mercy' i highly recommend that book. its phenomenal. 

and now i'm gonna stop. this seems like a stupid post and if i go on any longer it'll just get sillier.
next monday is finals. *squee*. 
i'm also getting my hair all chopped off again. *double squee* 



  1. What!!! I love your hair long!!!! :( But if you like it...who am I to say anything. ;) I will always like everyone's hair long.
    I can't wait for you to come here! And you get to be here for Rae's grad!!! Hurrah!!! That is SOOO exciting! Double can't wait! :D Epic times ahead of us. :D

  2. :D I love this post.
    Baby carrots are gross! lol. :D especially in ranch dressing. I love ranch dressing, but carrots ruin it. Blech. lol.
    Oh gosh! I'm glad you get to come too! It'd be awkward as heck for all those poor people if I couldn't come! It might be worth it just for laughs, though. ;)
    Oh, yes. That book. I need to read that book.
    Plus, I'm SO excited about your haircut! xD You look so amazing in a pixie I can hardly stand it!
    MISS YOU!!

  3. Are you reading "Letters to Van Gogh?" I love reading about him, and the things he wrote. Such a sad story, but the man knew how to be creative!

    I can't wait to see your hair.

    1. Im reading "the complete works of Van Gogh", its giant with all his pictures. I really want to read that other one tho!
      Oh, yes, my hair, I'm going pixie short, stinking excited!!!

  4. hahaha I love foreign films too! Also, the book suggestion! YAY. I love book suggestions!!!! Good luck with finals, and can't wait to see the hair too!<3