Monday, May 20, 2013

so right now, i'm forcing myself to blog.
the desire is gone, but i know i just gotta get past that and it'll all click for me and i'll remember what it was that i used to love so much about blogging.

this is my last week home until August. it's finally here. the last week.
its exciting.

but seriously. anyone know how to pack for 2months?

deciding what shoes to take, which jackets, which pants. which shorts and t-shirts. which dresses, hats, scarves, earrings, necklaces ect-.
yeah, i'm excited to tackle that bit.
not to mention i'm still going to do a ton of shopping in springfield next week before i actually leave. which means taking less than what i need and hoping i can find things i like when i shop.

i'm glad that this week will go fast, because i'm so stinking excited about this tour and going to springfield for the entire week before. i just want it here already!


so anyways. i went and saw Star Trek twice.
Cumberwumberbatches in realD was *amazing*. like. wowzerilla. just. yeah, go see it. he makes one stinking, epicly-epic bad guy.
oh, and the movie itself was pretty good too! the way Simon Pegg says "i can't-ee-ah do it" is unbelievably adorable and i'de go back an see it again just to hear his lovely scottish-cutness.



  1. :D I'm glad you're pushing yourself through it because I couldn't bear if you were to go away again. I miss you on the blogger world when you are gone! :D
    I am so stinkin excited about you coming down!!! Eeek! It is going to be *more* than epic!!!!!!! There is no word for it. :D <3

  2. I know what it feels to not want to blog. It actually hit me for like a year straight, but when I finally came back, I realized I had missed blogging. So, it's good that you're still blogging, because I'm sure the desire will return.

    Exciting! I hate packing for long trips. Good luck.
    Ah Next week I'm seeing the movie! Can't wait to see my fav, Cumberbatch. Glad to hear he was grand. It's funny because I feel this sense of pride when I hear he's doing so great in the movie, because I watched him before he was a huge star. haha Am I weird? Nah. Even if I am, I don't care. ;)

  3. I cannot wait to see you. For real. And Evilbatch in Startrek. xD ijhdoidhuai. :D And good luck packing. and I wouldn't wanna tackle that at all.
    and. I love you. :)

  4. I have to watch that. Only for Cumberbatch and Simon Pegg. I'm sorry, Chris Pine is Not. Kirk. And will never be Kirk. And Uhura is just no. But other than that. I shall watch it and love Scotty and Kahn. :D

    1. hahaha, i'm guessing this means you've seen the shows? i'm not a Trekie (or at least not a real one) so i can't say if i like chris pine as kirk or not, i do know that chris's whole face is overrated.. but freaking yes. go see it because of those epic men with accents. xD

    2. Yeah, I was kind of brought up on Star Trek, my dad used to watch one every day after he got off work. So I know most of the ins and outs, and I'm sorry, that Pine fellow just doesn't cut the mustard for me. lol. (his whole face IS overrated! But I really liked him in Unstoppable.)

      I shall probably wait until it out of theatres to see it. So I can fast forward, you know. lol.