Saturday, May 18, 2013

the pixie

before i went in to get my hair cut i made a list. 4, actually. the first was reasons why i didn't like long hair. the second was why i did. the 3rd was why i liked short hair, the 4th was why i didn't.
basically. short hair ruled out long by far. my list of cons for long was miles an my list of cons for short was tiny.
my list of pros for long was tiny. my list of pros for short was long. you get the point.
so short hair it was.
can't tell you how glad i am that i decided on it!
funny story here. well. sorta. anywayyyss...
i cut my hair myself a few days before i went into get this pixie. apparently i do a good bob, no one guessed i had cut it myself! it was fun times cutting my own hair and having a cute bob for a few days.
nothing is more fun than a pixie, though! oh, and the pixie with my new nerdy-ish glasses. *love*.



  1. I just had to come check this post out when I saw my name on it, haha! I love long hair, but pixie cuts are really cute.

  2. You are just such an adorable person!!! Inside and out. :D <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. WOW! You can really pull off a pixie cut. You look completely adorable!!!!!!1 :)

    Hehehehehe, just FYI, I could never do one of those, my forehead is huge and my ears stick out, so that would just be tragic on me.

  4. ah! love it. you're way too cute! wish i could pull it off. but gah. and with your glasses and the hat! perfect! xx

  5. TTOOOOO CUTEEEE. Very much jealous at the moment... I can't do a whole lot with my hair, so I'm very jealous that you can cut it that short and look absolutely amazing.

  6. You look fantastic!! I love it. You have the perfect face for short hair.