Saturday, May 25, 2013

this is my last full day home till the second week of august.

i find it rather amusing that people have asked me, "are you ok with being gone all summer?" and they're all like. shocked at my answer.

ha. ha. hahaha.

oh, goodness. YES. i'm more than ok with it. sure, i'll miss my family, especially my mum, but hey, i've spent 18 pretty solid years with them. i think i'll be ok for 2 months. and i know it'll be a great stretch for me.
i'll probably miss hugging the cat quite a lot. my cousin's baby might just have to get used to me hugging her in the mornings.
i like to hug in the morning. its either the baby or my pillow and babies make noises and are way cuter. so yeah..

i'm gonna miss having the convenience of going on mile long walks whenever i want. these past few days i've been walking the lane (which is a mile long..) once to twice a day, plus riding Ellie the horse everywhere. i love exercise. i told rachel i may just havta run around the bus 100 times every time we stop for gas.
because seriously.
i have loads of energy. all. the. time.

the other day i made this daisy crown. it was so cute, i hadda show you guys. and it looked pretty dang cute with the pixie. ;)

so anyways. last, i've got quite a lot to do. so i better head off and start on stuff.

have a grand weekend, k?

peace out,


  1. Ahh, the daisy crown is sooo cute! Always wanted to make one. ^.^

  2. the daisy crown. LOVE.

    See, I panic before I do anything out of the usual. Once I GET there or DO stuff, then I'm fine, but the idea of doing something that's not normal terrifies me. (I didn't sleep before we went to Scotland. Not for excitement. For nerves. How sad is that?!)

    Have fun for two months!!! :D :D :D

  3. TOMORROW!!!! We get you tomorrow!!! :D :D :D

    The crow is 'dorable. :)

  4. sounds lovely. your daisy crown is wonderful too! x

  5. You ahev no idea how jealous I am of that daisy crown!!! I've always wanted to make one<3 iloveit.

  6. :D haha! Yes, you'll be more than fine. You'll be fabulous. :D

  7. People are just reluctant about real adventures! But seriously, any chance you get to see places you wouldn't otherwise, you take! Smart girl.