Sunday, June 9, 2013

ayye! so this is probably going to be my last post for awhile, because tomorrow we're headed into Canada and i don't plan on blogging from there. i'll be lucky enough if i can check facebook a few times! but once we're into Alaska i'll start the blogging back up. so anyways. i had a few questions about my family's music and what kind they play. so i'll try to explain...

my cousin's play a variety of music. they started out hard core bluegrass, but they grew out of that and started merging some gospel, Americana, and country into it. so now they're a mix. a really fantastic mix, if i may say so myself. my aunt is a classically trained pianist and vocalist, so she taught all her kids piano and how to sing. they've all had music instilled in them their entire lives.

rachel, (25) the oldest girl, mainly plays mandolin, but she can play piano, bass, and the penny whistle. she also has an amazing voice and is one of their lead singers.

next is kyle (23), the oldest boy, he plays fiddle. and wow, can he seriously play it. i know i might sound like i'm bragging about my family here, but honest to goodness. i'm not. they're just very talented, it runs in all of us kids. kyle is married to ashley, they have a 13month old girl named Maddy, i'm here as the babysitter/photographer.

next is benjamin (almost 18), he's the banjo player, and like kyle, he's incredibly skilled on it. him and kyle can play and do play just about everything else thats on stage.

then there's aaron, he's 15, and the lead guitarist. the last few years he's really bloomed with his music and now its his life. at first we weren't sure if he had it in him, but once he started there was no doubt. that kid can play!

and lastly is john (or jawn), he's 13 and learning the bass and is everyone's go-fer. poor kiddo, he deals with it, though, and is constantly making me laugh. i love that kid.

their dad, my uncle, who is my mom's brother, is the sound man. and their mom, becky, she plays guitar, piano and sings.
so now that the introductions are out of the way!

so here are some photos of them (and several extra randoms).



left to right. becky, rachel, john and aaron. john was doing his johhny cash song here.

l-r. kyle, tyler (cousin-in-law, not related to me) becky on bass, ben on electric, rachel on mandolin, john just standing there, and aaron on guitar.

rachel, becky and aaron.

kyle w/the fiddle, tyler on drums.

rachel, aaron and ben.


kyle and tyler on the box.


ben on the electric banjo

lance, the sound man and bus driver.

me and the mad bug.

right now i'm in north dakota, all of these photos were taken in minnesota, except the last one, which was taken here in nd.

i really love life on the road. i could see myself doing this all the time, its so random and fun. but also incredibly tiring, there is work involved. but the fun evens out the work and its all so worth it. sometimes i wish i was the one on stage..but only sometimes. i like being the background helper.
so anywho, i could have sworn today was saturday. i've been a day off since wednesday.

and thats all i've got! i hope you guys are having a funtastic summer. :))

peace out,

please excuse any horrid typos, i'm incredibly tired and i've got a cold. :p


  1. love all the pics. Have fun in Canada and seeing so much country! I'm so happy for you. I hear Alaska is beautiful. I bet you can't wait.

  2. lovely pictures! looks like a lot of fun x
    - Jianine

  3. Awesome!!!! John is HUGE!!! I haven't seen him since LAST July and he was such a little tyke still then!!! Wowzers. LOL... All the pics are amazing! Love seeing them! Have fun in Canada!!! Can't wait to see Alaska pics! Eeek! Going to be fun!! <3 <3 I don't have to tell you to have fun!!

  4. So awesome!! It sounds like my kind of music. I grew up on folk/Americana music. I think its so cool when a younger generation becomes passionate about it as well.

    LOVE the photos. You are doing an amazing job thus far :) Hope your summer brings many more joys and adventures!

  5. Love these pictures! They look kind of different? Like you edited them in a way you don't usually? Either way, they're great. We'll miss you!

    1. nope, i didn't edit them any different, i used all the same curves i use on LOTS of my photos. :D i think its just the lighting in that place. it was awesome and thank you. :D
      (and yes, i'm in Canada, found some internet. haha)

  6. OH, they all look SO fantastic!! :D It's been ages since I've seen them all. :D Such a gorgeous, talented group! :D I'm glad you're having such a great time. :D
    Your photography is my favorite. *_* <3 <3 :D
    I miss you! <3

  7. hi noni! i've read your blog every once in awhile and i like it! I'm from Canada! Welcome here! :-) in fact if you're going to Alaska you'll probably be driving right through my home town! Hythe, Alberta it is! just a small village but the Alaska highway goes right through! have fun on your journey :-)

    1. hey! thanks, good to hear ;)
      Canada is awesome! and that's funky, maybe we will be driving through Hythe. :D
      thanks for the comment!

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    1. grrr i dont know what happened but it posted that comment a bunch of times! sorry :-/